Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Photos - Tank on Me, Dance Sweat Pant, Modern Racer Tunic

Tank on Me Bold Blue

Tank on Me Senorita Pink
Regular reader, Pilatesmom, comments that the Tank on Me runs a size small and fits REALLY tight in the chest.

Dance Sweatpant II
Dance Sweatpant II - color choices

Modern Racer Tunic 
The Modern Racer Tunic looks super comfy but I wouldn't say it's particularly flattering.


pilatesmom said...

modern racer tunic = schlumpadink top to go with all the schlumpadink sweats lulu keeps putting out.

Flaneuse said...

wow, pretty underwhelming!

hazelberry said...

I tried on the Modern Racer Back and yes, "Schlumpadink" is the perfect description Pilatesmom, it was like a potatoe sack.