Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Photo of Tang Light & Lagoon Energy Pullover + Product Alert Photos of I Just Wanna Run and Run For Fun Tops

Here are some photos of the Tang Light and Lagoon Energy pullovers - they have the same gray striping as the white version. I don't know why they put racing stripes on most of these pullovers. It's not needed.

My Product Alerts said the stores also got solid black Energy Pullovers as well so if you missed them when they were on line you can get them now.

Here are the product alert photos of the I Just Wanna Run and the Run For Fun tops. Both run at least one if not two sizes too large.
I Just Wanna Run Sleeveless Tech Top - Also comes in Chirp

Run: For Fun Tech Top - blah

Oops, forgot about the Run: Team Spirit LS top:
Run: Team Spirit LS - Lagoon


Anonymous said...

Is the Run Team LS the same as that chirp one that was out a month or so ago? Looks much nicer in Lagoon.

houndlvr67 said...

I bought the Team Spirit in chirp and love it...I even wore it for an intense cardio work-out and stayed cool. I will be great as a swim/beach cover-up too (if I fold under the cuffs with the thumb holes).
Luluaddict, you might like it for hiking...:-). Keeps the shoulders from getting burned!

mollywaffles said...

I agree with you on the For fun Tech top - blah.
The I just Wanna Run Sleeveless Tech looks way cuter in the product notification pictures you posted than on the hanger in an earlier post of yours.

I agree with anon- the Team Spirit LS looks better in lagoon than the picture from a couple days ago. Still though, wouldn't wear for running in warm weather. I like pit ventilation when I get sweaty. I wonder if it has circle mesh panels underneath? I like houndlvr's idea of wearing this top for hiking.

CJRun said...

Team Spirit LS does not have circle mesh panels- it is all silverecent (sp?) material. The top section was really huge on me- the neckline is super wide open. I'll have to try it in a smaller size.

Anonymous said...

I just tried all three of these on in the store last night and all three run very large. Of the three, I thought the I Just Wanna Run was by far the cutest and most functional for actual exercise, but it made me look beyond flat-chested so I didn't end up buying it. The necklines on the other two are so low and wide that they were almost slipping off my shoulders.