Monday, February 22, 2010

New Stuff - Sway Jacket Photos + Run: For Fun Tech & I Just Want to Run Tech

Sway Jacket
Photo of the new Sway Jacket. This will be a pass for me. It's cute from the back but I don't like the cowl neck in front and the side zipper up the front.

My local Lululemon sent a message that they got a couple of new tops in - the Run: For Fun Tech and the I Just Want to Run Tech.  They also said they got new Energy Pullovers and something called the 1st 5 minute pullover. I might take a trip today to see what these are and maybe take some photos.


Anonymous said...

Please do take a trip!! It's snowing here and I can't get out. I think new running items would make my day!

pilatesmom said...

kinda interesting...