Monday, February 22, 2010

New Running Top - Run: For Fun Tech SS

Run: For Fun Tech SS
An ok - not exciting, not hideous - running tank make of silverescent. It runs very large. I tried on the 8 (in the photo!) because they didn't have my normal 12 out and it was still loose in the waist area.

Product Information:
1 - Tech top for running or the gym
2 - Lightweight and breathable silverescent has anti-stink and anti-static properties
3 - Extra low armholes for ease of movement
4 - Cinchable drawcord for a customized fit
5 - Pocket for cards or keys
6 - Flat seamed for chafe resistance and comfort
7 - $58

Update - So, Pilatesmom commented "blech" on this design and I have to agree. Last spring we had these cute tech shirts:
Focus Tech
Gather Tech
Track Tech
All of the above are much more figure flattering and feminine than the For Fun Tech. The For Fun Tech is just the latest in the group that I like to call the Waistless Wonders Lululemon has put out for the past six months or so:
Sunrise Tank

Persistance Tank
Inspire Tank
For Fun (Size 8)
I think Lululemon has designed these for their larger breasted customers but they could nip the waists in a bit.


pilatesmom said...


Anonymous said...

I agree that the For Fun is "blech" but I do like some of the items you refer to as the "waistless wonders". Not all of us are blessed with boobs and bootie and feel the need to hide our Olive Oil shapes!

LuluAddict said...

@ Anonymous - I know a lot of people like the "waistless wonder" styles but I think the best Lululemon designs tend to enhance any figure - if you lack curves, the tops will give the illusion of curves. If you have too many curves or a poochy belly, the tops will play up the good and downplay the bad. I don't think the Inspire, Persistance, and Sunrise do much for anyone's shape.

LuluAddict said...

Oh yeah, I should add, if a top doesn't enhance your figure, it should have some interesting design details. The I Just Wanna Run Tech probably isn't that shape enhancing but the pleats down the front give it a very unique look. Except for the Sunrise tank, which is the best of the latest batch, the others are very plain.

Anonymous said...

I don't think there has ever been an item of clothing invented that flatters every figure....hence Lululemon's wonderful ability to invent items for all shapes and sizes....and thank goodness they do because not all items look good on all people. They don't just design for the tall and skinny....they come out with designs that are flattering to different shapes and sizes and I appreciate that.

Anonymous said...

I have a slim hourglass figure with plenty of boob that can sometimes be a little too much in a tight fitting tank at the gym. The Sunrise Tank is the perfect tank for me. I can wear a super support bra underneath and it's much sexier then a t-shirt or basic tank.