Saturday, February 6, 2010

New Organic Stuff Coming - Tank on Me Tank, Go With the Flow Tank

Tank on Me Tank - Organic
Photos of the new Tank on Me Tank. It's made of organic cotton and you can change out the straps to adjust the support. It looks very similar to the Ariel Tank.

Go With the Flow Tank
I suspect this one is organic cotton, too. It looks kind of comfy for those days you don't want to wear a form fitting tank. However, I wouldn't be willing to pay full price for it but might buy it on the markdown rack for 50% off. I'll have to see it in other colors, too.
Rewind Oversize Tee
Flight Running Visor
I tried on the Flight Running Visor tonight.  For myself, YMMV, I did not like it as much as the hat version. The brim was too small and it fit tighter on my head than the hat so it's a pass for me. However, I noticed that between my two hats, the black and the pink, the pink fits a bit looser so fit may be color (or lot) dependent in these hats. I ended up buying another pair of the Featherlight socks, though. I like them. Oh yeah, I saw the Clarity Vest. I didn't even try it on. It's nice but I'd really like a luon or light fleece vest.


Anonymous said...

OMG, they are so blaaah, boring! So not innovative at all. What's up with Lulu these days. I am not spending the hefty price that lulu charges for these items. I could by stuff that looks like that probably in Target or other cheaper stores.

Marci said...

Could those tanks be any more blah?!!! I mean you could buy those at Walmart IMO! I found the visor a perfect fit but the bonnet too large. What material is the clarity vest made out of?

LuluAddict said...

The Clarity vest is stretch ripstop with mesh inserts. From the product info:

* A technical running vest for spring running, cycling or hiking
* Made of water-resistant and wind-resistant stretch ripstop
* Mesh racerback and carved out armholes for breathability
* Loose fit with dropped hem to cover your bum while biking
* Reflectivity for visibility in low light
* Secure zipper pockets for cards, keys, & sport snacks
* Flat seamed for chafe resistance & comfort

LuluAddict said...

I wish they would put out more (cute) tanks. The store I went to last night had removed an entire rack of their tanks because their stock was so low. They used to have two double rows that wrapped around a corner and now they are down to three. Right now, I am doing most of my shopping on ebay for new lulu tops.

pilatesmom said...

Went into Lucy yesterday only to be reminded why 99.99999% of my workout clothing (and 75% of my "everyday" clothing) comes from Lululemon. Their prices are basically the same (I tried on pants for 88 and a tanks for 54) but the fabric and fit are never anywhere NEAR as good. Sometimes I find something that looks kinda cute on the rack and the fabric always feels horrible on and the fit is always unflattering on me. What is everyone elses' thought on Lucy? (I have one top I bought there that I really like but it is a Pink Lotus brand top). I hardly ever ever walk in that store anymore.

LuluAddict said...

Lucy has its good and bad sides. I like the designs of their casual wear a lot better than Lululemon and you can often find cute stuff on significant markdown. I shop on line mostly. I buy a lot of coverups, tees, and tanks from them. I like a lot of their cover up shirts - long sleeved, crotch covering tunic length, with hoods and pretty embroidery or print details and no weird ruching.

I don't think I've ever paid full price for anything at Lucy. The quality is not as good as Lululemon and it won't release a stain like Lululemon's fabrics but if you treat it gently it will hold up well enough.

At one time I bought a few of their workout pants and jackets before I discovered Lululemon. The material is not nearly as nice - not breathable or wicking, nor the fit or quality. I don't think their material has a pilling problem, though. The Lucy Lux material is rather heavy but does feel very soft.

I buy a lot of Pink Lotus at Lucy because I love that brand. It is also made in the USA. I have a couple of pairs of the Lucy Spa Pants that I really, really like. I also got those on sale, for something like ~$24. The Lucy Flex is a great fabric, stretchy and lightweight. I prefer it to Lululemon's Swift fabric which I find heavy for Southern California's climate in the summers. I can wear the Spa pants in 100 degree weather but still feel cool. It also dries fast so they are perfect to wear on water rides at amusement parks where you'll get splashed (I live six miles from Disneyland).

I have several pairs of knee length shorts from Lucy since Lululemon doesn't make many knee length shorts. They are lighter weight and I can get them for significantly less than Lululemon on sale. Lululemon's Adventure shorts & Squad Crops, besides being expensive, are well made but fairly heavy weight. The only Lululemon knee length shorts I wear in the summer are Stills and you can't wear them on hikes or anything because sitting on a rough surface will ruin the luon.

I also have a couple of Lucy vests that are flannel lined with cute embroidery. I wear them over my Lululemon Energize and Hills pullovers. Lucy stuff is probably my second larget component of my wardrobe.

shopaholic said...

luluaddict, here is url from Forbes article. I found this interesting =

Anonymous said...

Wow, the Rewind Oversize Tee even made the mannequin look fat- what chance do I have!

I like the first tank but I would want it in better colors. One of my favorite things about Lulu is all the great colors and I feel like you hardly see that right now!

I have a lot of Lucy because there was one near my house and you can always find stuff on sale- often really really good sales. I haven't had anything pill on me and I really like the Lucy Lux and Lucy Tech fabrics but design wise it usually doesn't compete with Lulu. They do have some really cute tanks right now, though.

Anonymous said...

Hi there - just ordered the visor then saw your review. The lulu website doesn't have measurments - do you have a rough idea how big the visor is? My head measures about 25" - kinda big? Thanks!