Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Namaste Pant - Yet Another Sweatpant!?!?!?! Grrr.

Namaste Pant
Is there a huge market for super casual $80 cotton sweatpants that I'm not aware of? Because at my local stores, not to mention the website, Lululemon had to mark their Feel Good pants way down to get (some of) them out the door and here we are with three more Feel Good clones - Namaste Pant, Dance Sweat II, and the Flashback pant. Is there anyone at Lululemon with a cohesive vision of what their product line should offer? I'm starting to think Lululemon approaches making athletic clothes like GM did making cars, too many models that are too similar. I haven't seen a lot of people on their Facebook site giving feedback that says, 'Hey, Lululemon, please make more baggy-assed sweats for me to schlep around in. Even though I look hot and put together in Groove pants, a Deep V, and a matching Define jacket, I'd much rather look like I have given up caring about myself by wearing can't-really-be-worn-outside-the-house sweatpants that make me look 10 pounds heavier.' Is Lululemon actively trying to get rid of their original customer - fit women in their 30s (now 40s) and is now catering to college kids? I kind of think that when I see lots (and lots!) of sweat pants and strappy tank after strappy tank that don't work for women who have nursed a kid or two and need more support. WHERE ARE THE TANKS?

Product Information:
  • A stylish alternative to the tried and true loose fitting sweatpant
  • Made with certified organic cotton and spandex - natural softness and stretch for shape retention
  • Tencel silk waistband gives support with out digging into you
  • Drawcord for adjustability
  • Cuffed pants to keep them in place during downward dog
  • Back zipper pocket to store $ & keys
  • No hemming required
  • Preshrunk
  • Heathered Charcoal, Bold Blue, Senorita Pink


pilatesmom said...

Ugh, Ugh, and Triple Ugh. The same shlumpadink sweats yet again.

CJRun said...

Where are the tanks and where are some fresh colors? I like Bold Blue and Senorita Pink but am starting to look for something else... BOOOOORRRRRRING.

Runner Leana said...

I am not a fan of all of these pants with cuffs on the bottom. They remind me too much of my sweats from phys ed as a kid!

Marci said...

I need some variety, too much senorita pink, bold blue. Nice colours, but I don't need 40 items in this colour. Totally overdone.
The tank on me looks nice, sweats... enough!!! I guess there will lots of markdowns in the future. Ditch the designer that is obsessed with cuffed sweat pants!!

Anonymous said...

Bwa ha ha ... loved your review of the product line. I think their design department just designs whatever they think is cool as opposed to what their core market wants. What I don't understand is why they don't ALWAYS stock the basics on their website - grooves, stills, wunder unders, scoop necks, power ys and deep Vs. It's really strange

Anonymous said...

I disagree with you on these sweats being slumpy...try them on first and then judge. I found them very flattering and so comfortable. These are a TO AND FROM layer and unless you're getting dolled up to go to the gym, then these are perfect. I have a quite a few of their cotton pants and I love them all. I say keep bringing them on because I (and a lot of other women) really like having an alternative to the luon!

You say you're a fan and yet you talk about mocking the product and there seem to be far more posts on what you don't like than what you do.

Lululemon has core products that they sell but, like any good company that wants to stay in business, they try out new products and bring out unique, flattering and comfortable options for those of us who like to step outside groove pants, still pants and remix hoodies and want a little variety. There is a reason their products fly off the shelves. I say keep it up Lululemon!!! YAY!!!

LuluAddict said...

@ Anon 9:19 - You sound like you are probably a Lululemon employee. There is no way the Feel Good pants "flew off the shelves." No. Way. Lululemon way over estimated the market for $80 ordinary looking cotton sweatpants.

I'm not on the payroll so why should I be a cheerleader for the company? I'm a consumer who pays $100 for pants and $60 for tops to sweat in so I expect a lot for my money. It's got to function AND look good. If you look through when I first started this blog, there were lots of designs I loved. Lululemon has been putting out fewer and fewer hits lately, particularly when it comes to tank designs. They've deleted or minimized a lot of their popular designs such as the Deep V and Whisper tanks. There are hardly any tanks on the website and the stores have nothing new to pick from. The color choices are minimal.

Lacey said...

I agree, I think these pants are super unflattering. They make me look like I am lazy and just want to lounge around the house without taking the time to get ready in the morning. Worst of all it makes my butt look heavy and huge. Gross. No thank you! No more sweat pants please! I would much rather see a new line of tanks!

Zanna said...

I think most of us agree that some people may like these sweat pants with cuffs but the point is why make is that there are so many types of it with similar designs. There's a reason we mock and dislike their products lately. They are just plain boring, dull and not innovative. Sure, all of us are fans. Its because we love lululemon for what they are set out to do which is to create yoga and fitness clothes. Its good to diversify but I do think they are stretching themselves too thin and losing focus.

I always secretly hope that somebody from Lulu reads this blog, because all thoughts on here are what majority of the women out there are feeling.

lmhagood said...

I more sweat pants...I, personally, would not leave the house in these sweats. If I've just worked out, and need to run errands, I'll put my grooves on, maybe a pair of Dance Studio pants...heck, I'll even wear my Empower crops - but NO SWEATS!!! Hopefully, we'll see some new, technical running stuff again, soon (fingers crossed).

hazelberry said...

People from Lululemon do read this blog, they've been on here before. One of Lululemon's core ideals is in their "feedback" moto. Constructive criticism that helps to better ourselves-theirselves. I know it might seem a bit negative but honestly, yes if I am paying top dollar for a product I love from a company I love, I just want to see them keep up the same wonderful things that make me choose them over another clothing line. If we don't speak out and share opinions then ?????

pilatesmom said...

I saw these in the store yesterday. They are actually "worse" than most of the other recent "cuff sweats" that lulu has been churning out at breakneck speed. They have a fake "guy fly" in front. Ugh!!!