Thursday, February 11, 2010

My Favorite Lululemon Purchases From the Past Six Months

I'm getting depressed with all the disappointing designs Lululemon has been releasing lately so I'm going to think about the good things I have bought in the past few months in the hopes that pretty and functional clothes will soon be on their way to us.

Run: Energy Pullover
I love, Love, LOVE my Run: Energy Pullover. I wear it at least once a week. I hope they make more because I'd love one in Sidewalk or Silver.
Gather Together Jacket
The Gather Together replaced my Shape Jacket as my to and from the gym jacket. I love the big pockets that I can drop my sunglasses and keys into. I love the hood that I can put up when it's sprinkling out. I love the longer length that covers my girly bits when I run errands after the gym. I love that it's made of luon so when I put it on after spin class it wicks the sweat off me so I don't feel hot and sticky the way I would in a cotton jacket.
Wear With All Jacket
I also love my Wear With All Jacket. It is my favorite to wear while running errands. I love the longer length and the big ribbed part at the bottom that makes it so unique. I hope this makes a return soon.
Cool Racerback
I'm going to have to add Cool Racerbacks into my recent favorites.  They've been out awhile but I just started wearing them a few months ago. Light luon is the best thing for hot workouts and is awesome for spin. I have six Cool Racerbacks and counting. I have a Run Swiftly Tech racerback on order so I'll have to see how it stacks up against the Cool Racerback.
Flight Running Bonnet
I'm outside a lot either working outside at my kid's school or watching my kid's sporting practices. I love that this hat covers so much of my hair and has a nice long brim. I like that it has a slight "street style" to it.

Featherlight Socks 
I'm loving my new Featherlight Socks. My spin shoes are on the snug side so I have to buy very thin socks. The featherlights are very comfortable and work perfect for spin.

As far as colors go, my recent favorites have been Majestic, Static, and Static Charcoal.

Run: Sprit Pullover
I left out the Run: Spirit Pullover out of my list because I didn't buy one but I really wanted to. I would have if I didn't live in Southern California. It was just a gorgeous piece of athletic wear. My Oregon-based sister bought one when she visited and then she asked me to pick her up another one because she liked it so much.


pilatesmom said...

Just got some featherlight socks and I love them too so now I have more coming. The Flight running bonnet was HUGE on me (I don't have a small head) and I can't believe they didn't make it adjustable. I also recently started wearing cool racerbacks and LOVE them so I probably have about 8 and plan to buy them in pretty much every color they come out in. Kinda wishing i had gotten an energy pullover when they were out. I wasn't a fan of either of those two longer style jackets (I felt like a stuffed sausage in them and I'm a size 4-6 so I don't know why - I wanted to love them, just couldn't)

CJRun said...

For runners, the Spirit top is a fantastic piece. I also have a strong attachment to anything made of the running luon- I particularly like the fit of the Run Brisk pullover. The ruching is a really nice design detail IMO.

I think I have worn my Majestic Cozy Up jacket the most since I purchased it in October. As an American, I had to pay a fortune on Ebay for it (color not available in the States so far as I could tell) but it was worth it. I love it.

Anonymous said...

I just wore the Spirit Pullover last night and I live in SoCal too! Perfect for running outside at night. I wish they had more because I'd love a black or charcoal one (I have the blue). The Energy pullover is very nice as well, I wish they would come out with more colors too because I would buy another (that is not pink or bold blue - tired of these colors!) in a second!

LuluAddict said...

@ Anon 12:38 pm: I'm in Orange County and it's been pretty cold here at night lately (low 40s) but still too warm for me for a Spirit pullover. I'm good in the Energy over a cool racerback down into the 40s. I don't run but walk in the hills around my home and coming back up the 12% grade hill really heats me up.

I would love a zip up jacket or vest made of the spirit pullover material, though. I superlight weight fleece jacket for this time of year would be perfect.

The black Energy pullover is so low key - no racing striping like the Hills Pullover - I wear it to all my outside activities - working on the playground at my kid's school and going to their soccer games and now baseball practices. More neutral color options would be nice in all the outerwear stuff.

Dori said...

I met someone last weekend wearing the Run Spirit Pullover and it looked warm and gorgeous. Love the hood. She said it was the best investment piece she has purchased. I regret ignoring it when I saw it in the stores. :(

pilatesmom said...

I adore my run spirit pullovers. In chicago the warmth comes in handy!

erica said...

i love the neck opening of the Spirit pullover. i wish there were more tops with this feature in varying weights. i actually don't like it for winter running because the fabric is too thick for comfortable layering (in 20 and below temps). the Energy pullover is my ideal winter weight top.

mollywaffles said...

I loved the Spirit pullover...but as I had posted on here before, I was sad to find it ran a little big in the shoulders for me, and by the time I realized this, they were sold out of the next smallest size. So sadly I returned the one I had. But that was such a great design!! The reflective logos, pocket placement, scuba hood w/pony tail hole, the thumbholes & mitts - all fantastic. And the ribbing at the waist was very slimming/flattering. I would definitely get one if it became available again.

I do have the Energy Pullover- I love it! I had ordered a Hills Pullover, but the Energy Pullover became available very soon after and I chose to keep the Energy and return the Hills. It has such pretty detailing, and I like the pocket better than on the Hills pullover.

I also love my Run:Brisk LS. Another top with really pretty details, and the faded zap color has really grown on me. The bright color definitely helps with visibility while I run. I have layered with a windproof/water resistant vest in the cold/wind for more warmth, still allowing my bright yellow arms to be visible.

My other favorite from the last 6 months is the Run: Spirit Tight. This was an even better deal, I got it on final sale back in late fall because there was a very tiny hole in it (from someone ripping a tag out?) So I think I got them for $50 or 60. I was easily able to stitch up the tiny hole with some thread, it's hardly visible, and it's held up with frequent wear over the past 4 months. I think it's a nice compressing, flattering tight, and I appreciate the lack of ankle zipper - meaning I don't end up with any scratches on my ankles.

Anonymous said...

I notice that the pulse wrap isn't on the list - did you end up getting much wear out of it and do you think it was worth the price?

buffy764 said...

The pulse wrap is kind of bulky - like a bathrobe - and is short in the front so your crotch is exposed. It has also pilled up quite a bit. I much prefer the feel, fit, and look of my Remix Lulu Light jackets over the Pulse Wrap. I wouldn't get another Pulse Wrap but I'd get more Remix Lulu Lights and at least one more Wear With All.