Wednesday, February 17, 2010

More New Stuff from Product Alerts

Lagoon Swiftly Techs

Go Lightly Pant - Static Charcoal

Here I Am - Crop Version of Pant (Black and Coal Shown)
I tried the Here I Am Pant on back at the beginning of January. These crops will be a pass for me, at least at full price.


Dori said...

Okay the charcoal Go Lightly pants look adorable. Must try them on.

Rose Taylor said...

i just started my own fashion blog, and went to google to see if anyone had one dedicated to one of my fave stores, and i found this! LOVE your blog!

the go lightly pants are amazinggg. i might need to go check that out.

if you have time, check out my blog sometime! i'll definitely come back to yours! i love lulu!

Lacey said...

I love the charcoal go lightly pants! I didn't see them in my store--will they be showing up soon then? And I just love the new color of the swiftly tech tank! Its a must have for me!