Thursday, February 11, 2010

Lululemon in Real Life - Photos of Dance Sweat Pant II and Scoop Neck Splatter Print

Grenadine Hoodie
Grenadine looks really pretty. I hope they come out with some tanks in this color. I would love a Cool Racerback or Remix Lulu Light Hoodie in Grenadine.
Scoop Neck Splatter Print in Real Life - Very Eye Catching!
Clam Digger in Static Charcoal Luon
Dance Sweat Pant II
This outfit looks very comfy. I like how the Dance Sweat Pant II looks here from the front. Of the latest sweatpants these are the ones I like the best.

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CJRun said...

I really like the contrasting color between the neck piece (words fail me?) and body of the scoop neck tanks. I would like to see some more pretty (stripe-less) prints with a solid color contrast.