Thursday, February 4, 2010

Latest Upload - Meh

Run: Team Spirit LS Chirp
I've decided that between the two, I prefer Silverescent to Luxtreme for tops for workouts. I find the luxtreme heavy feeling and it tends to ride up because it's so slippery. However, I'm not a fan of the silver stripes in Silverescent. This top isn't bad but I'd have to try it on. I might consider it for $20 less. 

This is my favorite Silverescent top of all time:
It's the Shrug Tech in Anise. It's hard to see the detail from this photo but it has tons of decorative seaming, pleats and the back is just gorgeous. It's just a beautiful, feminine top with lots of decorative detail. Sigh, the way Lululemon used to make tops.

Lulu Pant II in Static
I love my Static Feel Good pants but hate the casual look of the elastic ankles. I might have to get these. I really love Static and how soft it is.

Denim Coal Groove Pants - Cute!

Featherlight Socks in Sidewalk
I've worn my new Featherlight Socks to spin a couple of times. I really like them and will get another pair.

Flight Running Bonnet in Senorita Pink
I ordered another Flight Running Bonnet, this time in pink. I wish the visor was on the website, too. It would save me a trip to the store.
Flashback Pant
Did anyone notice the pleats at the knee? I guess it's for function but it makes them look rumpled. I don't love these pants but I would buy them on markdown for around the house.


Dori said...

I actually love the elastic ankles on the Feel Good pant. I wish I got them when they still had the static charcoal. I don't like coal denim because I find it shoes all these lumps and bumps in my thighs I never even knew I had!

pilatesmom said...

I'm with Dori on the Coal Denim. I don't think the fabric is flattering (makes you legs look bigger than they really are) - and I also find the feel thick and stiff and unpleasant.
I remember the tech shrug - it is interesting but I thought the shrug arching over the boobs in the front looked a little awkward and looked like it would feel awkward too.
Ha, so many items I've said - wouldn't pay full price but would buy on markdown for bumming around the house. Funny thing is, a lot of those things that I bought on markdown for bumming around the house I really, really like (feel good pants and my fuzzy fleece pants) - sure they wouldn't be my first choice for going out and about but they make staying at home so cozy : )

LuluAddict said...

@ Dori and Pilatesmom: Do you guys feel the same way about the black denim? I always thought the denims look very glamorous and edgy but I never thought I had the booty to carry them off. My form fitting pants are always solid black or deep navy and regular weight luon. I do agree the denim feels rougher to the touch. I also worry about butt sweat showing up in the lighter colors. One woman in my spin class wore something that looked similar to heathered classic sport gray wunder unders and it looked like she peed her pants when she was done. I notice she finally ditched the cotton and got some technical looking workout clothes.

pilatesmom said...

The look of the darker denim is more flattering than the grey (I have a pair of navy denim hip pants with white piping from last year). In my opinion they are not the best to wear in high sweat activities (they feel much hotter) and it seems luluaddict that you are very much in tune with clothing that helps you feel cool vs clothing that heats you up. Also, if you're a "sweater" (i am a big sweater) and you wear the coal denim or any other lighter color lulu pant (black is OK, navy is OK and dark brown is OK) you will look like you wet your pants when you're done. I wear lighter color pants to teach (but not if I'm working out before I teach).

Marci said...

I can't believe the chirp top is almost sold out on the Canadian site.. its not that great, but who knows, maybe better in person. It looks to have some wierd pleats on the sides again. I will try it on if it comes into the store, but the web picture leaves me unimpressed.

Dori said...

I never tried black denim, but I will let you know when I do.