Thursday, February 18, 2010

Latest Upload: Biker Groove Shorts = Love!!! & Other Comments

Biker Groove Shorts - Selling Out Quickly

It's been tough to be a Lululemon Addict lately. I haven't been able to get my "fix" of new products and was starting to think Lululemon was spurning me, an active 40-something year old customer. That they were going in the direction of youth as evidenced by their offering numerous versions of booty-shorts and volleyball socks, a look that you can only pull off in your early twenties. But then today they surprised me by uploading the Biker Groove Shorts.  I've been emailing them and commenting to them for a long time now (and I'm sure I'm not the only one) that they really should offer a bike length short. I want mine for spin class and summer workouts. Numerous educators at the stores have told me that the regular length Groove shorts ride up on them in spin so they stick to crops. I've been buying the tall version of some of their shorts to get additional length but even those are still fairly short. I've tried wearing Still shorts and Clam Digger crops to spin but they tend to bunch up because they are looser fitting in the leg.  There are a lot of reasons to want a longer short - modesty, to conceal problem areas on the legs, protection from the sun and MRSA germs on gym equipment are probably the biggest. Whatever the reason, there seems to a be a fairly large market for longer shorts since the website is starting to get sold out of sizes as of noon pacific time. I risked the wrath of my husband to order mine since I have spent my Lululemon "allowance" this month. I don't care, we all know that if you like something from Lululemon you'd better get it before it disappears for another couple of years. I ordered the black because I have not liked how Static Charcoal looks on me in tighter pants. I think Static Charcoal is a gorgeous color and I love my Static Charcoal Still pants but it is thinner than regular luon and it will show more imperfections. On the other hand, it is very silky and soft on the skin. I want to thank Lululemon for responding to requests for a longer short. I cannot wait to get mine in the mail and wear them to spin class.

Speaking of spin class, I wore my new Bold Blue Run: Swiftly Racerback to class today. This is the first Swiftly Tech item I have bought. I really, really liked it.  I am going to have to get more. I have my eye on the new Tang Light version but since I just bought the new Biker Groove short I'll have to wait a little while.
Run: Swiftly Racerback in Tang Light
In the past, I have held back from buying the Swift tops because the fabric is so fragile. Most all the tops in the stores have a pull in them from where people have snagged them when trying them on. When I get more, it'll be from the website so it comes right out of the wrapper and I know no one else has touched it. Anyway, I found the fabric wonderful for spin - it's so light it's like you are not wearing anything. One thing I don't care for is how deep the armpits are and how much of your bra is exposed but for the awesome breathability, I'll sacrifice a little fashion for function.

There were some cute new colors unveiled today:
Keen Peach Flow Y

Keen Peach was out a couple of years ago. I have older Groovin' Crop Ties with this color and this Embracer Tank III in Keen Peach leaf print (yes, I know it's wild ;-)  ):

Another new color was Groovy Melon:
Groovy Melon Flow Y

Pick Me Up Bra - Super Low Cut & Cleavagetastic!

It's interesting to see the Pick Me Up Bra on the model. I show quite a bit of cleavage in the Flow Y so I can't imagine myself wearing the Pick Me Up bra. I also don't care for the puckers along the bottom and in the back, that's just not going to look nice layered under a snug fitting top.

Here I Am Crop
I tried on the Here I Am pant last month and thought they were ok but I didn't like the cuffs. The crops are interesting looking. I can see the appeal if you want a break from tight fitting crops. I might think about getting them if they show up on the markdown rack.

It's a bummer there weren't any technical tanks uploaded today. Even the new Scoop Neck tanks that are arriving the stores were not put on the website. However, since Lululemon responded a request for longer workout shorts I have new hope they will respond to our requests for more technical tanks. I really like the new pastel oranges Keen Peach, Groovy Melon, and Tang Light, and am looking forward to seeing some new tanks in these colors.



Lacey said...

I am so glad that they came out with a longer length as well! I tried on the booty shorts in the store and was wondering how could anyone wear them to the gym---its like you're in your underwear! I hope these are as good as we all hope them to be! I also noticed on the website this morning was a new style in the modern racer tank, called white/ generation electric manifesto pri. I went to class and came home an hour and a half later and sizes 4-8 are already gone!! Do they have like 1 or 2 in stock?!? I was totally going to order one too. Do you think they will restock this item?

Lacey said...

Ok I just went back online to order a pair of the biker shorts and those are almost gone too. So pretty much if you don't get online early in the morning and buy something immediately, you miss the boat. Lululemon sure does need to stock up on their items!

LuluAddict said...

@ Lacey: Prints tend to go fast and never come back so if you can, get the Generation Electric top. Call the GEC to order it if you have to. They offer free shipping now. The number is at the top of the website. If they are sold out, keep calling. A lot of times people will order something and then return it after they try it on.

pilatesmom said...

I wasn't too thrilled with today's upload. Was really hoping for more cool racerback colors (tang and chirp). I did order the generation electric manifesto in both the 5yr and the tank - couldn't decide between the two and knew if I didn't order both right away my only choice would be ... neither...because it would be sold out by midafternoon, and I was right. So, I have both coming. I have learned -- act NOW and return later.

pilatesmom said...

...looks like they added the chirp CRB this evening. just picked it up. now hoping for light tang CRB

LuluAddict said...

I have to think there is some big bunch of technical tanks coming soon in the new colors like Chirp, Tang Light, Groovy Melon, and Keen Peach. Otherwise, why have all these Flow Ys that don't go with anything? It's also odd they didn't upload the Scoop Necks that are in the stores. Maybe the stores have complained the website is grabbing all their customers. I know I heard that from one educator at the store I go to. I'm wondering if they make a luon in the Sunny Lime color that the Modern Racer Tank comes in. A yellowy green that isn't flourescent would be nice.

Cassandra Lotus said...
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