Monday, February 22, 2010

Latest Trip to Lululemon Store - Lots of new running stuff & Tang Light is neon

I Just Wanna Run SL
If you scroll down you'll see the new tops I tried on - the I Just Wanna Run SL, the Run: For Fun Tech SS, and the Run: 1st 5 Minutes Pullover. I also saw the new Energy Pullover in Tang Light - ugh! There are also new Sunrise tanks coming in Tang Light and Lagoon.

My coments:

- Tang Light is a neon orange. It could also be called Highlighter Orange. It's just like Faded Zap all over again - it looks a lot more muted on the Lululemon website than in real life so be aware when you order. I'm going to sit out Tang Light and hope some tops come in Keen Peach and Groovy Melon which are bright but not neon. Oh yeah, Tang Light in the Swiftly knit fabric is bright but slightly muted so that is the only fabric I would get it in.

- The new Energy Pullover in Tang Light is just like the white version - it has the gray stripes in the arms and neck again. It is super bright. If you are concerned about visibility for night running this top is for you.
Energy Pullover
I tried on the Clarity Vest - it's super, I'm not wearing anything light, just like the new 1st 5 Minutes pullover. It's so light I don't understand why you'd wear it. It adds no warmth and may cut the wind slightly.
 Run: Team Spirit LS

 My store also got the Run: Team Spirit LS top in that sold out on-line in hours. If you missed it on-line, the stores have it now.


mollywaffles said...

Thanks for sharing about the Clarity Vest. Haven't been to the store to see it yet. I think I've decided I don't need it... especially with it's really large arm hole cut outs in the back, and knowing now that it's that light. It doesn't sound like it's worth full price.

I'm not sure that I see a need for the Team Spirit LS. I think if it's warm enough to have that much of my neck/collarbone exposed, I probably wouldn't be wearing a long sleeve top. It looks like it has a tiny side pocket at the left hip, like my Run: Brisk LS. Which as I wrote in my review on the lulusite, it is not nearly big enough for anything besides a house key.

Does the pleating along the princess seams of the Team Spirit look similar to the I Just Wanna Run SL when on the hanger?

pilatesmom said...

@mollywaffles: TOTALLY agree about the huge cutout armholes and back of the clarity vest and the deep open V of the Team Spirit LS: if one can leave that much open and exposed the the wind/cold/elements then it seems like the piece isn't of much use for either warm or cool weather running. But then again, I'm in the midwest so it is always one or the other -- never in between.

LuluAddict said...

@ Mollywaffles - The pleating on the I Just Wanna Run SL is extreme. I know the photo is blurry but if you click on it you can see a larger version. It almost looks braided - I think it is a cool design element for this shirt.

@ Pilatesmom & Mollywaffles - The Run Team Spirit LS is not really going to be that warm. Silverescent is very lightweight & breathable - it has tiny holes in it so you would feel the wind whistling through you if you ran or walked in this. I would say this a warm weather top only. I have a couple of silverescent tanks I wear to spin that feel so lightweight I almost have to check that I am wearing a top.