Thursday, February 11, 2010

Flashback Pullover Now on the Website

Wow, the Flashback pullovers are going fast on the website. I'll have to see how they move in the stores near me. They may not have put that many on the website to start with.


CJRun said...

They have been up an hour and only 2 sizes left in black- all sold out in gray.


I don't feel a compelling need to add it to my closet.

Anonymous said...

Me neither. Big, sloppy and unflattering. yuck.
Maybe they only had 2 of each size in stock?

houndlvr67 said...


Anonymous said...

They are awful....tried it on at the store, very unflattering!

pilatesmom said...

It is annoying, you have to admit, when they put so little of something online that all sizes/colors sell out in like two hours. It is so very, very annoying. I'd have to try this before I made final judgement but super baggy things usually just make me feel bigger than I am (ie: cocoon wrap).

Anonymous said...

cocoon wrap...awesome, flashback pullover...awful!
as for webite: SCARCITY MODEL!