Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Dance Sweat Pant II - Looks Promising

Dance Sweat Pant II
The Dance Sweat Pant IIs look kind of promising from the photo in the Product Alert. They look kind of similar to my beloved but-only-for-around-the-house Feel Good pants but there is a cinch drawcord at the bottom hem. They look pretty cute in this real life photo:

But I don't care so much for how they look in these photos:

They look too long here and maybe a size too small. Will Lululemon stores hem the French Terry stuff, too? I've only gotten luon pants hemmed.

Dance Sweat Pants II Product Info:

  • Warm up before ballet or complete a calming hatha class in the low rise slouchy sweat pant
  • Our own blend of cotton french terry has stretch so it won't bag out!
  • Cinch the hem drawcord for adjustability
  • Front pockets to secure $ & keys
  • Flat seamed for chafe resistance & comfort
  • Preshrunk so the look of this garment will stay as intended!
Tank on Me Organic Tank

Not a bad looking tank but very similar to others they made in the past. It also comes in Senorita Pink and Bold Blue. I bet the Bold Blue is really pretty.

Tank on Me Product Info:

  • A tight fitting, low support tank that will move with you during hatha class
  • Made with certified organic cotton and spandex - natural softness and stretch for shape retention
  • Mesh inserts allow for max breathability in high sweat areas
  • Interchangeable straps allow you to choose the right support level & customize the length
  • Mesh bra construction with built in pockets for removable cups
  • Preshrunk

Mini Rant Time - Where are the Tanks?
Why is Lululemon making/releasing everything but technical, non-organic, non-running line tanks? I'm hoping there is a big bubble in the pipeline and they are going to be releasing a ton of new tank designs and colors but I'm starting to think they won't be. Also, why are they making so many similar sweat pants?  The Flashback Pant and the Dance Sweatpant II are pretty similar, I don't get why they are releasing them at the same time. There are also the French terry Lulu pant II and lots of Feel Good pants in stock on the US side of Loot. That's a lot of French terry pants. I also consider French terry a more casual look than luon. I'm dying for some new technical, non-organic tanks. I would really like to see some new Deep Vs colors and prints come out.  I'm not the only one, there are quite a few people saying the same thing on the Facebook site. We want tanks in new colors and new prints. Has anyone tried Zobha? I'm seriously considering ordering from there to get something new.


pilatesmom said...

Was thinking the EXACT same thing about all the french terry sweat pant styles out lately. One after the other of basically the same pant. The tank on me in bold blue - I'm going to have to find that one. The tank situation online and in stores is very, very pathetic. I'm hoping for a million more colors in the cool racerback (i'm not holding my breath). I love my bold blue/white tracker jacket and saw solid pink, lagoon and white on the saskatoon page - lovin that - i'll definately try to get my hands on a pink and a white.

pilatesmom said...

I have a couple of zobha tanks on the way (on sale $20) - I'll let you know what I think when they get here.

LuluAddict said...

@ pilatesmom - Oooh! I am VERY interested in how Zohba measures up to Lululemon - especially how the fabric feels and performs.

Dori said...

I have Zobha yoga pants. They are thinner than Groove pants so in NYC in the winter not the greatest. But they are comfortable and fit wonderfully, make my butt look good. Also like them for running, although I had them hemmed too short.

pilatesmom said...

Tried on the tank on me tank today. I had to go up from my usual 6 to an 8 (the 6 was like a vice around my boobs - and i'm only an A cup). The 8 was the correct size but even that one totally squashed me from "a cup" land into negative cup land. The seam across the top of the boobs squashes down. The whole thing was unflattering. Too bad because the bold blue has cute white straps to switch out to. Oh Well. I got the scoop tank in the splatter print. I saw it on someone today in class and it was so cute on her and the pop of color was really uplifting. When I tried it on I felt like there was enough color thoughout that the horizontal stripes were not distracting or unflattering.

LuluAddict said...

@ Dori- Thanks for the info about the Zobha pants. Do you feel the quality of Zobha is as good as Lululemon? Have your pants faded or do they bag out at all? Does the Zobha material pill? Thinner material might be nice for warmer weather workouts when I usually switch to crops. One thing I like about regular weight luon is that the thickness helps hide the flaws on the back of your leg but it does make it warmer to exercise in.

@ Pilatesmom - The Tank on Me tank does look kind of small in the bust area, similar to the Intention tank. The Scoop splatter print is very eye catching. I'd like to see some educator photos. I hope they come out with a Deep V in the same print.

Anonymous said...

I am so not a fan of the french terry pants -- and I completely agree with the lack of functional workout clothes instead of bumming around clothes (a little pricey to sit and surf the web in) . I have two of the Zobha tops and I must say I like the quality. The one big difference is the lack of cup pockets -- only certain designs/colors have them. The two I have, so far wash up nice and fit and feel great. They are a little more conservative than some of the Lulu tops-- but cover up nice for downward dog or pushups! I have also tried the pants - but was not as impressed. The fabric is thinner and didnt have the "make your butt look fabulous" quality of my tried and true grooves. I don't think I would replace my workout wear with Zobha, but a few tops here and there won't hurt anyone. And it seems they always have a crazy sale on certain colors that they rotate pretty regularly.

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 5:30am - Thanks for the info on the Zohba wear. I don't think I'd ever replace my Lululemon bottoms, but I'll be watching Zohba's sales to order a top. I like the looks of their Clara tank.

Momof5 said...

I ordered the Audrey and the Grace -- the grace is like the scoopneck but with a fuller back (perfect for kettlebells) and the Audrey is really pretty too. YOu can't beat their sale price and free shipping also. I love my lulu but their tank styles have got to freshen up -- same old styles same old colors -- I love the majestic-- and the tang, they are really limiting their CORE customers that buy WORKOUT clothes not loungewear. I've been a little disappointed too!!

LuluAddict said...

I'd be interested in hearing how you like your Zohba tanks, Momof5. I would love some new workout tanks but something that offers more support than a spaghetti strap. I am dying for some new Deep V color combos.