Friday, February 19, 2010

More Real Life Photos - Clam Digger, Go Lightly Pant

Clam Diggers - Black

Go Lightly Pant

Some photos of educators in the Clam Digger crops and the Go Lightly Pant. I'd be interested in hearing a comparison of the Go Lightly Pant to the Energize pant from someone who has tried them both. They look pretty similar. I won't have a chance to try them on until this weekend.

Energize Pant - White Athletica Teeny Grey Stripe
This new Energize pant color was uploaded last week. I'm not a big fan of this color but I love my Energize pant. I'd get these on the markdown rack for around the house.


Dori said...

I've tried on the Energize pants and and the Go Lightly pants. Honestly, they both felt like Wunder Unders to me. I just don't like material touching my skin so closely, so I can't give an honest review the way someone who likes close cut pants could.

I prefer my Groove crops and pants and Boogie crops :)

LuluAddict said...

I know what you mean about material touching your skin. This is the first pair of long Lululemon pants that I own that fits tight along my calf. It is an odd feeling at first. I like the way it feels while we are having cooler weather here in SoCal but I know I won't wear them when the weather heats up. The Energize pants bunch up at the bottom so it almost feels like I have leg warmers on.

pilatesmom said...

I really like the energize pants (got them in black when they came out). I ordered the grey/white tiny stripe when they came online. I have about a gazillion black (and quite a few "charcoal") lulu pants so when they offer something that breaks away from black or charcoal I'm happy to try it. I LOVE them. They end up looking more "white" in the photo as the pattern doesn't show up as much. They are SUPER cute and I LOVE that they are different in color/pattern.