Monday, February 8, 2010

The Clam Digger is Back and Some "Vintage" Designs Hit US Loot

Scoop Neck in Splatter Stripe Print
I'd really like this print without the stripes. It looks a little zebra-y in the Scoop Neck. It'll be interesting to see what direction the stripes go on on a Deep V, if they make a Deep V.  It might turn out better because they'll angle the stripes on the bra part.

Clam Digger Crop in Static Charcoal
More Clam Digger Crops
It looks like the Clam Digger crop will be back this spring. The Clam Diggers are one of my favorite crops. However, I don't think they will look that good on a wide variety of people in the thin-shiny-luon-every-flaw-revealed Static Charcoal. I hope they also come in black. The waistband tends to slip down as you walk but I still love them.

"Vintage" Loot - Lululemon has uploaded quite a few items to their US Loot site that are from two or three years ago. What gives me chuckles is that people on Facebook are oohing and ahhhing over the pretty prints Lululemon used to make. Maybe they'll take a hint.

Repose Tank in Scab Red
The Repose is from ~3 years ago. It was one of the first tanks I bought.  It doesn't look like much from the front but it is very comfortable. It has a higher neckline and a scalloped bottom so it's a little longer in front and back. It fits snug in the chest and loose over the tummy. The only drawback is that this top was made before they started putting cup pockets in the tops but the built in shelf bra is very comfortable. This is a design that works well for large or small chested women. For larger chested women I would say the support is low to the low end of medium. I would get one in a heartbeat but they don't have my size available.

Wrap Tank
This tank is also from ~3 years ago. Another cute, modest tank. This has a built in bra but I never bought one because the cross straps hit me in the wrong place.

Danza Tee in Billy Floral Print
Also from  ~ 3 years ago. The Billy Floral print is probably my all time favorite from Lululemon. Cute shirt, classic style.

Run Stride Tech in Tokyo print
I think the Stride Tech is from ~2 year ago. I remember liking this shirt a lot when I tried it on but going with another tank. That was back when I used to go to the store and had to pick from four or five that I really liked.

Velocity Vest
From ~2 years ago.I like this vest a lot better than the current Clarity vest. Lots of decorative details. I wish they had my size.

Ujayyi in Paisley Print
This is from last fall. I got the cousin to this Ujayyi in another floral in Sangria. I love the Ujayii and Tri Y for spin.
Dance Strap Tank
Probably from 1-2 years ago. I love the look of this tank. I missed getting this one but wished it was available in my size.

Dance: Grace Tank
A nice lightweight breathable tank made of lullure and mesh. It reminds me of a simpler version of the slightly older Aria tank.

Aria Tank


pilatesmom said...

I love clam diggers - my fave summer lulu crop. Hope they come out with great colors like bold blue. FYI anyone out there considering them - i had to go down one size from my normal lulu pant size otherwise they were completely falling off of me.
I took a pass on most of the loot - got the $14 run hat and the globe trot shorts which i really like as I prefer low rise bottoms. (I loved the Billy print as well- have a shape jacket and extend pants in it.)

mollywaffles said...

Any thoughts on the Persist Jacket? I don't remember it from when it first came out.

I have the Tri-babe short from last late spring/summer; that one's not so old. I wore them a lot on longer bike rides over the summer (10+ miles).

I agree about the Velocity vest! I like the features a lot and $79 is a much better price than $118 for the blue and black Velocity vest also in Loot.

I think the Run:Race Tech is cute, but $54 isn't cheap enough for a tank in the loot section, in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

Well, after not being a store for well over a year I went to the lululemon Vaughn Mills Ontario location today with some friends. All I left with was a marked-down Ta Ta tamer. I felt so cheated, that looooong drive for a bra. I tried on the Principal Jacket which I sort of liked but I just couldn't pay 108.00 $ for a jacket that felt so awkward. I also tried on a few other things I'd sort of liked but was nervous to order in case they were bad fits. The wrap arounf organic tank had my boobs spilling out everywhere and I'm only a C-cup, the tracker pants were unflattering and that was about it besides 900 pairs of marked down feel Good pants. I was disappointed and so were my friends. I was excited to get home and go onto ebay to find the vintage stuff i love. I just saw a used Full Medal jacket go for 91.00 US!

LuluAddict said...

@pilatesmom - I like the older version of the Distance hat - it has a longer brim and $14 is a good price. The Globe Trot shorts are a good deal at $29.

@ mollywaffles - I agree about the Race Techs and Stride Techs needing to be marked down more. I don't recall trying on the Persist Jacket, I would have never bought it at $168 anyway. But, I have another older running jacket, the Sportif, that I really like. If they offered the Persist in my size I might get one.

@ Anon - It's a bummer, the stores are really bare right now. They really need an injection of new styles and colors.

gem67 said...

hi, can u tell me the difference between the tri-y and the ujjiya tank?? they look so similar to me..

Anonymous said...

I agree that the vest in loot is so much nicer looking than the new version. I'm usually a 6, and bought it in pink in a 6. Fingers crossed that it fits.

Anonymous said...

do you have an idea of when the persist jacket came out? thanks!

Pilates_girly said...

I'm hoping someone can help me. I have lulu pants but I can't figure out what size of shirt I am and I won't be near a store for a few months. I am typically a med-large for nike tanks. I am a 34C/34D chest so if anyone has some suggestions, I'm all ears. My main needs are for Cardio/Yoga/pilates.

Not that it matters probably but I'm a size 6 in the pants.

Anonymous said... is the fit of the globe trot shorts? Am a 4, would a 6 fit me? Also, the dance grace tank comes in a a 4 in the deep v...should i also get a 4 in this? Would appreciate your help:-)

Anonymous said...

Funny how people come to this site to enquire about stuff. Guess they will probably get a more solid and meaningful response as opposed to GEC.

pilatesmom said...

For the person asking about globe trot sizing - I'm a six in almost all lulu pants and a six in the globe trots, i think the six would be too big for you if you're usually a four.

LuluAddict said...

@ Pilates_girly - I remember my Nike stuff as fitting all over the place depending on style so I don't know how it translates to Lululemon. Have you been to the website and looked at the size chart? Look under the "education" tab. I think that is a good place to start with. Then we can let you know what tops fit true to size. Also, you can head over to the Lululemon Facebook site. The users there are pretty helpful with helping with sizing info. HTH

shopaholic said...

@anon = I bought my black Persist Jacket in Fall 2007, so I was out since Fall 2007.

Nicole said...

Shopaholic- can you please tell me what the material is on your Persist Jacket? Is it crinkly like a windbreaker or softer like luon? Thanks for your help!

shopaholic said...

It is a thicker version of windbreaker. It is a thinner version of Boost Jacket and Strive Jacket. If you run a lot, it will be very useful. Hope this helps.

mollywaffles said...

Just saw the passion crop in my size in the loot section, did a quick search to make sure reviews were good, and suddenly it was gone! boo.... (we're talking a matter of <20 minutes)

Anonymous said...

I love that Scab red color- it shows up on their seasonal colour palette all the time but you can never find anything actually made in it.

And the repose tank- one of my favorites!