Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Why eBay is great for those of us who don't live near an Outlet

Deep Navy Amica Stripe (DNAS) Outfit - Still Crops, Scoop Neck Tank, Shape Jacket

The Deep Navy Amica Stripe / Mac N Cheese Yellow collection weren't huge sellers last spring at full price but I snapped up nearly a dozen matching pieces on major markdown.  I don't think the Deep Navy Amica Stripe is an awful print at all. To me there is something about navy and white stripes that gets me in the mood for summer, but I think the reason it didn't sell well is due to the fact that if you buy navy you've got to go all in. You can't pair a navy top with blacks pants or navy pants with a black jacket. Navy requires a full commitment.  Moreover, if you buy the striped pattern, you've also committed yourself to several pieces from the same collection because there's not much that is going to match it. I know that was my hesitation when I first saw the pieces arrive in the stores at full price. Anyway, when they hit the markdown rack I went all in and have been picking up matching pieces as I find them.  I think a lot of the DNAS got sent to the outlets pretty quickly. I had my eye on the Shape jacket above but didn't want to pay full price at $99 or even the first cut markdown at $79 for a jacket I would only wear occasionaly. My local store shipped them out after the first markdown round - boo!

I don't have an outfit like in the photo above - my pants and jacket are solid deep navy - but I do like it. For one thing, you know it's unique -  no one else in your gym is going to have anything similar.  I make no apologies, I like color and I like patterns. If I wanted boring work out clothes with a stripe or two, I'd wear Adidas or Nike.  That's why I chuckle at the people on the FB site who complain about the size or location of the Lululemon logo. You don't really need to sport a Lululemon logo if you buy one of their unique patterns or colors.  Anyway, I just saw one of the tops on my wish list pop up on eBay and bought it:

3 Set Tank - Deep Navy Amica Stripe
This is the third 3 Set Tank I have bought. I really like them, they are super comfortable and look really cute with a matching Flow Y underneath. They weren't big sellers last spring in any color combination but every time I wear one into the store an educator comments what comfortable tanks they are.

Mac N Cheese (MACC) Yellow Deep V

On my Maybe list - the DNAS Groove pants (yes, I know they will only look good on a size 2)

Deep V - looks better in person

MACC Hills Pullover

On My Maybe List - Be Stills

3 Set Tank

Gather V

Flow Y

Groove Crop

Also on my wish list - Scoop Neck Tank 

Groove Down pants


pilatesmom said...

Navy, white and yellow look great together. The mac/white print victory jacket from last year is amazing and looks sooo cute with navy pants.

houndlvr67 said...

I love navy and macc together too! I feel bad that I wasn't able to go to the outlet when I was there for both of us :(. I LOVE the Athletic Deep V in the amica stripe-gotta look for that one.

Anonymous said...

I can see from these photos of your recent purchases why you think the wunder under blog colours are boring. I guess we all have our colour preferences. P.S. Way to go, Elim, keep up the challenge!!