Monday, January 11, 2010

Retro Lululemon - Part 1

I've had a couple of requests to post some photos of older Lululemon styles.  I've only been a fan for the past three years so that is when my knowledge starts.

Glow Tank
The Glow Tank was one of the first I bought. This isn't the best example, it's orange and dark maroon, but I got it on the markdown rack for something like $14. I only wore it a couple of times to the gym because I just didn't like the colors too much. However, on Lululemon's Facebook site in the section where people mention what they'd like to see brought back, someone did mention the Glow. I can see why it appeals to people. Some of the criticism that has lately been lobbed at Lululemon is that a lot of their newer tanks are too low cut and/or doesn't work for larger breasted women. The Glow is a tank that is modest and one where you wear your own bra under. It was made of regular weight luon and a nice longer, hip bone length.

Spark Tank - A favorite
The Spark Tank is one of my favorite "older" styles and one of the most-mentioned on FB for styles to be brought back. It has a built in bra, pre-cup pockets, a high-ish neckline and the sexiest back of any tank I own - it's cut so that it makes your waist look tiny from behind. The straps are wide and comfortable and do a good job of supporting a large bust.  The top is snug through the bust and loose in the waist. It also comes up high in the armpit so there are no side-boob issues. It's a very comfortable tank.

Action Tank
The Action Tank came out last winter. I bought one as soon as I spotted it because it reminded me a lot of the Spark Tank. I don't think they sold that well and it's a shame because it's a really nice design. It has a built in bra with cup pockets. The neck has a mesh insert which helps with cleavage issues and the straps are wide and supportive. The open back is great to help keep you cool.

Repose Tank - Sooo Comfortable!

Sport Tank
The Repose and Sport Tanks are from about three years ago and are very similar. The Sport tank exposes more armpit/sideboob than the Repose so that is why I never bought one. I have a Repose tank and love it. It doesn't look like much on the mannequin, but it is one of the most comfortable tanks I own and accommodates women with larger chests. It has a built in bra but no cup pockets - the support is low-medium. It doesn't expose cleavage but has a nice open back for cooling. The bottom is scalloped so that it is longer in the front and back to make your legs look slimmer. It fits snug through the chest and loose in the waist. The wide straps are comfortable and supportive.

The Spark and the Repose are two of the tanks I'd most like to see brought back. I wouldn't mind if they added cup pockets or brought them back in a print because they do show your headlights if you are cold. That is the only reason I don't wear them to the gym much without layering the older, crossback Swift Bra underneath it which makes them less comfortable.


RunningOnCoffee said...

I loved the Spark Tank too. I like the mesh insert on the Action tank - that would be a great feature to put on some of the current lower-cut tanks!

CJRun said...

The action tank was a bit too low cut for me (sort of my issue with the scoop neck tank now, even though I have several and wear them often). The Spark was darn near perfect. And it looked great on and fit ALL shapes and sizes. See, the large- and small- chested (represented by me) can get along :)