Sunday, January 24, 2010

New Twisted Headband + Miscellaneous

New Twisted Headband - Circle Mesh & Luon
One of the Canadian Facebook sites had photos of a new headband - the Twisted headband. One side is made of circle mesh and the other luon, both with the logo. I am a headband junkie, I think I have nearly 25 of them. My favorite is the Mesh headband, followed by the Dance headband. The new Twisted headband looks a lot like the Mesh. I hope it is tapered in the back like the Mesh. It's interesting that they put the logo on both sides. I know the Mesh is supposed to be reversible but I never reverse it to the mesh side even when the pattern matches my top. I'll have to keep an eye for this headband in the stores.

Splatter Stripe print
I went to one of my local stores yesterday to see if anything interesting showed up. I was dissapointed and left without buying anything, which is rare for me. I guess I'll have to wait for more of the spring line to show up. I am really looking forward to seeing tanks in the Splatter Stripe print.

I saw the new Faded Zap Cool Racerback. I didn't like it in person as much as I thought I would. I also saw the Senorita Pink embossed manifesto Cool Racerback. The embossing is very subtle, the light has to hit it just right to see it. I liked it a lot but I already have a Senorita Pink Scoop Neck Tank and didn't feel like another top in that color. I saw the Sidewalk Cool Racerback which is a light gray. I liked the color but I wouldn't mind seeing it in another tank with some accent colors to liven it up. I also saw a Swift tank in the new Lagoon color. It looked a lot like last year's Caribe but since I wasn't wearing any Caribe I couldn't tell how it matched up. I'm not a Swift Tank fan but I'd be interested in seeing other tanks in the color. I saw a new color in the Still pant, I think it is heathered coal but I'm not sure Static Dark Classic Sport Gray. The material is very similar to the Static Charcoal (STCH) Stills I bought a month or so ago - shiny, lightweight, silky feeling but a lighter gray version of it.  It looks like this:

I think the new silky luons are great in the looser fitting Still pants. However, they are thinner than regular weight luon and don't have nearly as much stretch. You can do the experiment yourself - try stretching a pair of regular black luon pants and then the Static Charcoal ones. The regular luon will stretch nearly twice as far in all directions. I tried on a pair of Relaxed Fit crops in Static Charcoal and did not like how they felt at all. I also saw the new Messenger bag. It's a nice size, big but not huge. It's very cute and has tons of pockets. I don't think it would make a great gym bag for me because I carry too much stuff but it looks like a nice all around bag. I hope some newer stuff gets uploaded this week or arrives in the stores. I'm kind of bored with what's available right now.

PS - Oh yeah, there is a new space dye - Lagoon Space Dye. It's actually one of the prettier space dyes I've seen - lagoon with some faded zap and others I can't remember. However, I am just not a space dye fan but I might have to check it out again.


hazelberry said...

I jusy posted a link to a company called Zobha on the Lulu face book page. Like you I am kind of ho-hum over a lot of what's out right now. This Zobha line has beautiful jewel tone colours and some really nice looking tanks. Worth checking out anyway.

pilatesmom said...

the twisted headband looks like someone was in a hurry and just slapped on a headband and it didn't go on right?

I ordered and returned the wunder unders in the heathered charcoal - not enough stretch (kind of "tight" feeling) but they were very soft and I think would be great in a relaxed fit bottom.

I always say - if I leave my lulu store without buying something, THEY'RE DOING SOMETHING WRONG.

can't wait to see that messenger in person.

Marci said...

I agree about the Static Groove, I tried those on, and felt they showed every imperfection... not a plus!
I also when today and bought nothing (although partly because Hubs was with me), I found a pair of run empower crops in coal/zap I liked, and the new victory duffle in silver/slime. I haven't seen the racerback in faded zap, I hope I like it, I have a few outfits planned around it.
Lulu really needs some new colours in the mix, enough BB/SP/FZ... I wish they would get some imagination!!

LuluAddict said...

@ hazelberry - Zobha looks very interesting. I like the understated designs but the colors are a little dark/muted for me. Although, that could be their winter line and they'll lighten up for summer. I like the jackets and the tunic shirt. I wish Lululemon would make a cute long tunic tee to layer over the tops. Right now I buy Pink Lotus/Green Dragon for my tunic tees. I am leary of ordering any of the Zobha performance wear because I love luon so much. Can any other company's fabric measure up to it, I wonder? Maybe I'll try a sale item to wet my feet. It's nice they offer free returns.

@ pilatesmom: LOL about putting the headband on wrong. I was wondering whether the "twist" part would feel odd on my head and make the headband more likely to fall off when I tipped my head back. I think the Messenger is a nice bag and you'll like it but I've got 3 gym bags already and don't need more. If my kids were still in diapers I could justify it as a diaper bag. ;-)

pilatesmom said...

What is the price point of the messenger bag?

Marci said...

@pilatesmom- I think I saw the messenger bag for 68$CAN at my local store.
Luluaddict - I would love to see a pic of the lagoon space dye if you have one... sounds pretty.