Friday, January 15, 2010

New Stuff in Real Life - Fun Times Jacket and Super Tracker Jacket

Fun Times Jacket
If the Fun Times Jacket had normal sleeves, I would consider getting it. I really love the Bold Blue one. Maybe they'll make a remix light in that color. I would love a looser fitting french terry jacket I could just throw on over stuff. Why did you muck up the sleeve Lulu? This jacket would have been super cute with regular sleeves.


Super Tracker Jacket
The Super Tracker Jacket isn't that bad looking in real life. It looks a bit like a rain jacket. I wouldn't pay $138 for it but I might consider it at half price.


Anonymous said...

I actually quite like it now but I would never pay full price either. The Black is nice~

pilatesmom said...

I think lulu's greatest successes are when they break out of the usual/expected mode. Of course, there is chance for greater failure there as well. There have been enough times that I was initially thrown off by a design element only later to fall in love with a piece and find it genius. I'm intrigued enough with both of these to give them a fighting chance. Solid basic pieces are great and I've got a bunch of them but they are pulled together into great sets by the more unexpected pieces.

Anonymous said...

well said pilatesmom, you got it absolutely right!

Marci said...

I tried on the fun times jacket tonight and I liked it - I may go back and get it. I liked the sleeves myself - add a little flare on an plain hoodie IMO.
Tracker is intriguing me.. but my store didn't have it in, I will go into TO tomorrow to find it.
I also tried on a Cacoon wrap and kinda liked it, although I would wait for a sale.

Anonymous said...

While I appreciate lulu breaking the mould I wish they'd look into staying true to what made them popular which was fantastic functional fittness apparel too. I may have to go try this out in store myself as I'm not sold on the arms from pictures

I too am really liking the Blod blue colour - wish they brought out a few more jewel tones and patterns of course


LuluAddict said...

@pilatesmom - What pieces would you consider great Lululemon successes that broke the mold?

pilatesmom said...

My great previous "break the mold" pieces include:
Over the top jacket
Admiral jacket
Tweed bomber jacket
Savasana wrap
Full Medal jacket
They are all unique with unexpected style elements. You'll notice they are all jackets - it is easier to try something different with a jacket than with a tank, short or pant (also I have a "thing" for jackets). However, they can break the mold in other areas with truly wild prints (think bold blue static or green tartan wunder unders) or special edition prints. Sometimes consumers aren't willing to "go there" full price such as with the stirrup pant and it takes a price cut and people try it and say - "hey these are actually pretty great!". Perhaps next time they may be more willing to push the envelope with what they will wear. I think of lulu as fashion forward meets functional. Those are my thoughts, I'd love to hear anyone elses "break the mold" pieces.

buffy764 said...

The Over the Top and Tweed Bomber are super cute. For me, my breaking the mold piece would be the the No Limit Tank. It is a great example of street style with technical fabrics/purpose. I do love Lululemon's prints in their technical wear, they are just so unique.

pilatesmom said...

good call buffy764 - i have the no limit tank and i love it. definately unusual too.

mollywaffles said...

I think the Super Tracker jacket looks so much better in real life than in the online pictures. I agree with other posts on here though, that I wouldn't pay full price for it.

The torso and neckline of the Fun Times Jacket is nice, but not a fan of the puffy sleeves between the elbow and shoulder. I wear my Garmin Forerunner 405 watch when I run, and do not appreciate the tight fabric around my wrist. If I try to wear my watch under tight fabric, the touch-sensitive bezel goes crazy, beeping at me. So I'd have to wear the watch on the outside of my sleeve, which is not something I like to do in the rain/snow.