Monday, January 11, 2010

New Items in Stores - Sweat Your Butt Off One Piece & Sheer Delight Tunic

Sweat Your Butt Off - One Piece?
The Sheer Delight Tunic is now hitting stores. There is a new one piece (I believe) also - the Sweat Your Butt Off. It looks comfy. I wish I had a reason to buy it.


Sheer Delight Tunic
Yay! The Sheer Delight is now in stores. It sold out so fast on the website.  I can't wait to try one on. I have to admit, I don't really care for how this looks layered. It looks messy or something. Maybe the because the pinks don't exactly match in the tops? I dunno what it is.
All Out Tank

Hot Class Tank and Shorts - Looks Cute!



pilatesmom said...

I don't think lulu has had a ton of success with their "one-piece/unitard" pieces. Hot blass tank ans shorts looks adorable on the model. Must be 20 and a size 2 to carry off those shorts though.

Marci said...

I tried on the hot class tank, and as a 36C was spilling out of it..

Anonymous said...

Love the look of the Hot Class Tank and shorts but perhaps it's that I love the look ON THE MODEL! LOL, must try on at least that tank though, doubtful on pulling off the shorts.....