Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Lululemon is Killing Me with these Loot Deals!

Heathered Charcoal Still Crop for $35
Luluemon keeps throwing up mega deals on Loot on a daily basis. I am debating getting the Heathered Charcoal Still crops for $35. I have black ones and love them for casual wear. Argggh!!! My husband has put me on notice for my insane Lululemon buying spree the past couple of months and now they dangle this in my face.

Track Tech for $22
I tried on the Track Techs last summer and really liked them. They are super comfortable, breathable, and  I would definitely get one at $22 but thankfully my size is not available.

Twisted Tank for $24
I have two Twisted Tanks and love them. They fit large so size down one size. I put a Flow Y underneath it for workouts.
Wrap Strap Tank for $24

I tried on the Wrap Strap when it was out last year. I think it will work well for smaller chested ladies but it really constricted me. Also the bottom stripes hit me too high (or my boobs are too low).

Three Print Power Y - $24
I really liked the Three Print print. Too bad it only came out in a Power Y. They don't work for my boobs, but what a great deal and a pretty top!

Shade Tank for $24
I tried on the Shade Tank last year and liked it a lot. The color blocking at the sides adds a slimming effect. It's a nice tank that you wear your own bra under. It's comfortable and classic.

Work It One Piece - $22
If they had this in my size, I would get it just to bum around the house in. What a steal!

I'm almost afraid to buy in case something better pops up.

PS - Just got a Product Alert that Cool Racerbacks in Faded Zap are hitting the stores. They also have them in Sidewalk which is a nice light gray. Sweet!

Cool Racerback in Faded Zap Now in Stores!


pilatesmom said...

man I have placed like 8 or so loot orders in the past few days. crazy deals. i've got the work it one piece coming. what a steal. it is really cute (tried it but didn't buy it last summer).

Dori said...


I happened to check the loot section not at all expecting to find Run Motion Shorts for $22 a piece. I bought myself 3 pairs -- all set for summer running now! That is practically 3 for the price of 1. I really wanted the Twisted Tank and Lulu Crop but luckily they were out of my size so I didn't spend the money on things I don't need. BUT I did buy a SECOND pair of black Feel Good Pants (I am insane) because I couldn't pass up the new even LOWER price and they are just the most comfortable pair ever. Wish I could have gotten a different color but, oh well.

Crazy deals!!

pilatesmom said...

i picked up the motion shorts at 22 as well (already have a couple other pair - i like them). they'll be my main run short this summer.

Tracy said...

bought the three print power y and now i know why it's marked down so much! it's one of the prints that you have to pick and choose, and mine is all vertical bar code looking lines across the torso and back. Wish it had more floral like in the picture you posted.

Ni'mah said...

I have been reading your blog for quite a while now, but this is the first time I've commented. I just wanted to say how much I appreciate the time and effort you put into this! Please keep up the good work. The information I find on your blog is so helpful.

Anyway, I think the FedEx guy and I will be BFF's after my 4 loot boxes arrive next week, LOL. The longer I look at the loot page, the more tempted I am to order a few more things. >:) As much as I love the deals, I hope they're done for a bit, so my bank account can recover.