Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Hints of Things to Come

Sunrise Tank in Tang Light
The pictures used in the Product Alerts and on Facebook are giving hints on some items that are soon to be in stores. I wish they'd restock the on-line, too.

Move It Messenger Bag and Victory Bag
The Messenger Bag is stinkin' cute. The Victory Duffle is also cute, but looks really big.


pilatesmom said...

diggin the messenger.

Anonymous said...

love the messenger bag... any idea when its coming out?

houndlvr67 said...

The girl that is wearing the "Here I Am" pant, is wearing a yellow manifesto shirt from last spring, I think...It was the manifesto shirt with the flowers and the color was good ole MACC.

LuluAddict said...

@Houndlvr - Thanks for the correction about the yellow.