Monday, January 18, 2010

Energize Pant - A New Classic? + Misc.


Energize Pant - Coal Denim
The Energize Pants have intrigued me ever since they hit the website. I liked the look of the back seaming and the pocket. Today I tried them on and ended up buying a pair in black. I think the Energize pants are very similar to the Wunder Unders but, in my opinion, even better. The fit through the leg is slightly looser but still snug all the way down. The material is the regular weight luon Groove pants are made of. I swear the Wunder Unders are made of slightly thinner luon. There is a lot of seaming on the backside. The Wunder Unders have a really fat waistband that puts a horizontal line right across your backside. On me, I think this only serves to make my rear look bigger. I think the multiple back seams on the Energize Pant is a better look. Also, the back pocket breaks up the backside view. Although the tag and product info says the back pocket can be used for keys there is a hidden pocket in the waistband so you don't have to use the back pocket at all.  The Energize Pants also have side seams that are shifted a bit to the front of the leg which helps elongate the leg. Wunder Unders have no side seams. The fit through the upper thigh reminds me a lot of Groove pants - just right. In fact, I think these pants are as comfortable as Grooves but with a narrow leg. For someone who has thicker legs and didn't like the fit of the Wunder Unders the Energize Pants are a nice alternative. The only really odd thing about the Energize pant is that the inside seam has a little extra flap of fabric.  I don't notice it when I walk but I wonder how it will wear.

Product Freatures:
  • Feel energized in this slim fitting yoga pant
  • Made with 4-way stretch luon, hugs your body in all the right places with comfort
  • Long in length so you can scrunch up the bottom
  • Back pocket for $ & keys
  • Low rise, flat waistband stays put during downward dog
  • Wear to hatha, yin or vinyasa class
  • $98

I tried on the Super Tracker jacket today. It isn't bad looking but I found the mesh liner to be scratchy on my bare skin. The back and elbows have a slits for breathability.

I also saw the Fun Times jacket. The gathering on the lower arm is only on the top part of the arm, not all the way around. I also thought it was a very lightweight jacket, even more lightweight than my Remix Lulu Light jackets but I could be wrong.

I didn't see many new tanks other than a new solid senorita pink Sunrise Tank. I am waiting for the Sheer Delight since I am reading it runs a size or two on the large side. My store had some nice markdowns - the Stirrup pants are now $39. I tried them on but still don't care for them even at that price.


pilatesmom said...

I got the black energize pants and really like them too. I think they're really flattering and love the "pooling" at the bottom. I also bought the denim coal but returned those - not as flattering as the black. Would really like black denim but I'm happy with the plain black. My store should be getting the fun times jacket this week so I look forward to trying that. Also, lots of more ultra reduced loot today: $24 lucky tote, $9 action gym towel, $24 best yoga tote, $9 running/hydration belt, $15 hot yogi mat, $9 balance ball. Some really great deals. I picked up a few items for myself.

Anonymous said...

NO WAY!!! I am totally jealous of your finds!! I JUST bought a lucky tote for $98!!!!!

Anonymous said...

don't be too jealous...the $24 Lucky Tote is in Pow Pink...and that's a whole lot of fluorescent!

pilatesmom said...

I like the bright pow pink : )

LuluAddict said...

I love these super bargains Lululemon keeps uploading. I wish I was home in time to snag the hydration belt. I saw the $24 Lucky Tote and almost got one but I just bought another $24 black Get Set Go Duffel. I have to watch myself with tote bags. I have a bit of a bag fetish. I wish they would upload the canvas Lulu Gym bag from last summer. I use mine all the time. I was debating about the balance ball but I already have one and it spends a lot of time in the bath tub in our master bedroom. I already have an Action Towel. I like it but it's really thick and kind of a pain to to maneuver on and off the bike bars in spin class. It does absorb a lot of sweat, though. I know it's weird but I almost prefer my cheapo Costco towels I bought for the gym.

Dori said...

Your review + the website reviews convinced me to order the Energize Pants -- especially since you never know when they will sell out! Very excited to try them. I HATE Wunder Unders, too tight on my skin, I feel like I am suffocating. These seem like the perfect answer to them.

Amblus said...

If anyone wants to trade a Pow Pink Lucky Tote for a black Get Set Go Duffle, let me know! I ordered the Lucky tote because it was a great deal, but I'm not sure about the color. I guess I'll see when it arrives!

LuluAddict said...

@amblus - I'll trade you. I just ordered the Black Get Set Go Duffel but I already have one. Email me:

LuluAddict said...

@ Dori - I think you will like the Energize pant a lot more than the Wunder Unders.. I never liked the WU either - too tight and too thin. From the comments I've read on Facebook and the reviews on the Lululemon site, people think they are really comfortable.

Anonymous said...

I am interested in the energize pants, but nervous about the length. Is there someone who is vertically challenged (30inch inseam) who has tried these on?
What is the inseam measure?
The "pooling" looks nice on the model, but is she short...or am I going to have an extra 5 inches of fabric pooling at the bottom??
thank you!