Thursday, January 21, 2010

Cheer Gear is On-line!

USA Remix Hoodie
Lululemon finally uploaded their long-anticipated cheer gear for the Olympics. I'm not a huge Remix hoodie fan since they are overkill for Southern California most of the year and I find them stiff and bulky. However, if the USA design had been compelling I might have bought one. The design is OK, but not worth it for me to shell out $108 plus tax.  If they had added stripes and contrast stitching like the Germany design, I might feel a little different. I also like the white Canadian design.

Germany Hoodie

White Canada

The mittens are kind of cute but are, again, overkill for Southern California. My husband and I are from the East Coast and we smirk at Southern Californians who don mittens when the temps get into the upper 50s.

USA Mittens

I did end up getting the USA hair ties. I figure I can change out the ties on my other jackets. I also got a pin.

The Canadian moose and beaver pin is cute.

The Travel Pooch is cute and useful but no way is it worth $58. Way over-priced. Even the one in loot is overpriced at $34.

Travel Pooch


Anonymous said...

Did you also notice that the Canadian hoodies are done in gold (lulu symbol and zipper), and all the other countries are done in silver?? I think I'm going to have to get one!

pilatesmom said...

I think the US hoodie was the fastest anything has completely sold out on the US site. It was completely gone within three hours of going online. It even took the white/red maple leaf on the CANADIAN site longer to disapper.

CJRun said...

Cheer Gear is (was?) a total snooze for me. It seems a little juvenile, no? Maybe if I were going to the Olympics or something.

Marci said...

I passed on Cheer Gear, lulu should donate some proceeds to althletes IMO. I have to thank you for your post about the energize pants, tried them on and I LOVE them!! Also got an yoga towel in Lagoon that was MUCH prettier than the flow Y I got on line, more aqua, your store may have it if you want to see what the colour looks like!

Anonymous said...

Lululemon was having problems with the website, the white Cdn. hoodie was showing sizes available but you were not able to put them in your shopping basket....they were actually sold out. I was not very happy...I can't even get my american family to get me one as they are sold out in US too. Ah well....wished I lived closer to a store!

Veron said...

I'm not a huge fan of the Cheer Gear either. The only item I purchased was the Eh! pima tee and a hockey helmut for my my neighbour. Her daughter is pretty into hockey and I thought it'd be a cute little something to wear to her practices.

The little squirrell on the canadian pin is actually a beaver i believe.

LuluAddict said...

@ Vernon - you're right, it's a beaver. I was wondering what squirrels had to do with Canada. Duh! Mommmy brain strikes again. ;-)

Veron said...

it took me a few momments of close squinting at the picture too before i realized it was a beaver : )

Lulu pearl district has some pictures of the new jacket that looks like a cropped admiral. I wish they could make their coats sit right on the waist. some are too long and some are too short [& lol I kinda sound like goldilocks !]