Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Anti-Lemon

Here is a photo of Ashely or Mary Kate Olson jogging in LA. I just can't get jogging in a button down shirt. I think working out in cotton is yucky enough - heavy, sticky, non-wicking, and unbreathable - but a button down shirt? This reminds me of some of the retirees I see at my gym who sometimes workout in their everyday wear of golf shirts, short sleeve button down shirts, or sometimes even a sweater and casual pants.  I've always been into wearing the proper clothes for any physical activity. It allows you to focus and enjoy your activity and minimize the distraction of your clothes working against you.  Now that I have discovered how great Lululemon athletic clothes are for exercise I have become a true zealot and my scorn of the unenlightened who don't embrace technical exercise clothing has grown worse. Don't they know how much better their workouts (and their lives) could be if they found Lululemon?  ;-) [I'm kidding (a little) about the lives part  ;-)  ]


CJRun said...

The way both those girls smoke like chimneys- she can't be running far! I see their trademark "bohemian/homeless person" look has transferred over to exercise gear. It is quite possible she wore that outfit earlier and just added the nikes to hit the road.

Anonymous said...

Are those black skinny jeans she is running in as well? What the Farfegnugen is she thinking, that is one hideous get-up. If I had their money I'd buy one of everything at Lululemon!