Friday, December 4, 2009

Comments on New Stuff

So it looks like there will be a lithograph iris print Deep V coming after all. (Thanks for the tip-off, HoundLvr). However, lululemon had to go and ruin it by adding neon pink to it. If it had remained all black and white or perhaps used gray, it would have been classic and timeless. Instead, the neon pink will date it. Maybe I will get it but I might wait to see if a Scoop Neck shows up.

Does Lululemon think hats with the word "toque" will be a big seller in the US? I can't really see it. The mittens and the scarf are cute but I wish they didn't have Lululemon plastered over it in giant letters. A discrete logo is fine with me.


 Can anyone tell what tank she is wearing? Is it something new? I hope, I hope.