Monday, November 30, 2009

New Stuff on the Website

Groove Pant with B&W Lithograph Iris Print

Lululemon uploaded a few new things this afternoon. Here are the Grooves with the Lithograph Iris print. Unfortunately you can't see much of the print from their photo but from what I do see I think I am going to like it. Keeping my fingers crossed for a Deep V version.

Update - I think I found a pair of the Iris Print Grooves for sale on Ebay. The photo shows a lot more of the pattern. I really like black and white prints. These are a couple of older print Deep Vs I sold. I hope the new Iris will be a worthy replacement.

 Keep Me Cozy Vizor - Cute!

I like the bright colors of the Keep Me Cozy Vizor. I don't think I can pull off this look, however.

 Lucscious Pocket Tee - Good for Maternity Wear?
Now that I put a hole in my BBB Racerback longsleeve tee I'll be in the market for another Lululemon tee shirt. The Luscious tee won't be it, though. I'm not really into pockets in the belly of my tee shirts.

Silver Manifesto Swift Tank
I'm just not a fan of the Swift Tank. It's just so utilitarian and boring. I didn't think the hold was really maximum as they claim, certainly not as good as the Deep V. Maybe they've beefed it up since I tried it on when it first came out but I'd rather wear a Deep V. Lululemon should make a Scoop Neck version using the Silver Manifesto print, that would be sharp.

There is another new Scoop Neck that came out in the stores that didn't make it to the website yet - the Black Embossed Manifesto with a white collar. It's pretty sharp looking and probably my second favorite manifesto look after the Cool Racerback version.

I see the I Am Great Totes have been re-priced down to $58. I hope they are giving price adjustments to the people who paid $88. That bag was so overpriced for the size and material.

One more item I think I might get - the Brisk Run Neckwarmer.

Brisk Run Neckwarmer - Lululemon is great at thinking of uses for their luon scraps

It's just a piece of brushed luon but it's a great idea and will work well with my Run: Sport Henley. The henley has a pretty wide neckline which is great most of the time, especially when you are working hard, but when the wind hits it is nice to have a way to cover up your neck.  I hope it shows up in the stores in other colors like coal or black. Fruity Tootie and Ocean Blue are kind of bright and don't match with much.

Brisk Run Neckwarmer Details:

  • Keep warm during your cool morning runs!
  • Made with luon, our signature fabric - brushed for warmth!
  • Moisture wicking fabric to keep you dry.
  • Also perfect for skiing, biking, and snow shoeing!
  • Made in China
  • Content: 87% Nylon, 13% Lycra® Spandex
  • Size: O/S
  • $18