Thursday, November 26, 2009

What Brand is This?

From a clip of an upcoming episode of Cougar Town where Courtney Cox and her friend are getting ready for spin class. I wonder what brand of workout wear this racerback top is. It's cute.

Update - I saw the same top in a Dick's catalog - it's a Nike. That means it'll fit like crap and shrink up - no thanks. :-(

Competition Jacket vs. Gather Together

Competition Jacket:
  • A lighter weight jacket to layer over your yoga gear for hatha to flow
  • Made of power luxtreme for quick wicking
  • 4 way stretch
  • Pockets to stash all that you need
  • $138
Gather Together Jacket:
  • Keep cozy during your warm up in this longer length, hooded luon jacket
  • Made with luon, our signature fabric
  • Longer length covers the bum and pairs perfectly with tights
  • Pockets to stash all that you need
  • $128
As I've blogged, I recently bought a Gather Together Jacket and love it. It's going to replace my Shape Jacket as my to & fro jacket.  The Competition Jacket is very similar style but made of luxtreme. What I can't understand is why is costs $10 more than the GT jacket. Is it because of the fabric? I have to say although I like Luxtreme a lot I do not think it is as durable a fabric as luon. I once caught my arm on a sharp edge at the grocery store while wearing my Shape jacket. I gave myself a big bruise and a scratch but the jacket didn't have a mark on it. No pull, no tear, no hole. I was shocked. I own a lot of luon and it holds up very well. Every now and then I'll get an item, usually in a color other than black, that seems to pill up quicker than most but it's pretty rare.  On the other hand my non-luon tops in luxtreme and lullure (not to mention silverescent) seem a lot more fragile. I've had a few luxtreme tops that I didn't wear often and they developed small pills or pulls pretty easily. Knowing the way I stuff my jacket in my gym bag when I'm working out or throw it on the seat of my car, I just can't see taking a chance on a $138 Luxtreme jacket.