Saturday, October 31, 2009

New Stuff On-Line - Some Pretty Additions & Showing Love for The 14s + Random Thoughts

Lululemon added some pretty new jackets to their website tonight.  The Run:Spirit Pullover in Fruity Tootie is really cute. They also added a version in Power Purple, but a little glowing purple goes a long way so this is my pick (plus I'm a sucker for a hot pink):

I've tried the Spirit on and really liked it. Unfortunately, Southern California just doesn't get that cold and I'm not a runner otherwise I would get one. I have a really pretty ombre razzmatazz/orchid Trail Tech I got last year that is just perfect for cool weather walks. Too bad all the Trail Techs this year are so dull. Here's a photo of mine:


 Run: Spirit Pullover Features
  • The perfect thermal midlayer for winter running
  • Wicking tech fleece has high-loft backing for added warmth
  • Off-set zipper keeps abrasion away from your face when zipped up
  • Tight scuba-shaped hood to keep wind out
  • Set your ponytail free from your hood!
  • Cuffins with thumbhole for cold fingers!
  • Secure back pocket for your belongings
  • Long length hem that won't ride up or stretch out
  • Reflective for 360° of visibility
  • Chafe resistant - flat seams
  • $118
For apres ski, Lululemon just added the cutest pullover - the  Fuzzy Fleece Pullover. The view from the back is the best.

Product Features:

  • Super soft fleece pullover for winter apr├Ęs activities
  • Double sided brushed micro fleece with anti-pilling finish
  • Shaped oversized hood with snap closure to keep you cozy
  • Long length hem to cover your bum
  • Layer over fitted fleece pants or tights
  • Thumbholes to keep your sleeves down for added warmth!
  • $99 
Showing Love For the 14s

I see Lululemon is adding more and more pants and crops in size 14. Thank you!!!  I bought a pair of Groove Down pants in a 14 this summer so I am wondering if they secretly make 14s in the Grooves and just slip them into the stores.  I notice the new Reverse Groove shorts they added tonight also come in 14. C'mon Lululemon add some Groove pants in 14. Nothing fancy, I'd be happy with just a black and white reverse.

Other Random Thoughts:

I liked what I saw in photos of the new Run:Track and Field Jacket but that was before I knew the price was $148. That's just too rich for my blood for a glorified windbreaker. I'll be watching for you on the sale rack.

Some photos to illustrate the difference between the Remix Lulul Hoodie and the Remix Light Lulu Hoodie:

The Light is just so much more attractive in the longer length and the way that it hugs your curves. I really don't care for the boxiness and short length of the regular Remix.