Thursday, October 15, 2009

Building a Lululemon Wardrobe , Part 3 - Everything Else

A reader asked me to comment on my favorite Lululemon items to help her decide what to get. Parts 1 & 2 covered Crops and Tanks. This will cover everything else. Feel free to chime in with your favorites.

I'm going to assume the reader is buying Lululemon because she wants to sweat and look good while she does it.


Based on what is available on the website there is really only one choice for workout pants - the Groove Pant. I've read comments that people prefer the double ring of color pants over the single ring. I think this is because the rings act like Spanx and help hold your tummy in. I have a couple pairs and really like them. I have the ones in the above photo. That is really the only pant I can recommend. I mostly work out in crops but when it gets cold I like my Grooves. I also have a pair of the original Extend pants and Yoga pants but they don't make those anymore so I can only recommend the Grooves.

For knocking around town, I live in my Still Pants. I have both the Still and Be Still in luon. I like both equally.


I have a bunch of Flow Ys that I layer under my low support, strappy tops. I am large chested so the Flow Y doesn't offer that much support by itself. However, in the low support tanks, it helps get me to level of support I need. I also have a bunch of Deep Vs. These are more supportive but they really show underneath the strappy tops. I've tried on the Ta Ta Tamer but they don't make it big enough for me. I think Lululemon's band and cup sizing is a bit on the small side so when I need max support I use my Donna Karan underwire sport bra. On me, the TaTa Tamer creates a boob shelf that resides right under my chin and I prefer my breasts to look more natural. I reviewed the Donna Karan a few months ago. I love this bra.


For a technical jacket to sweat in, I like my Shape Jacket and it's replacement the Define Jacket. I just bought a Remix Hoodie Light. I have a few others I like that have been discountinued: the Yohari, Sanctuary, Pulse Wrap, Origami, and Sportif running jacket.


I have four pairs of Relaxed Fit Shorts. I think the Knockout Shorts are the updated version of these. I also have a couple of pairs of Still Shorts which are my run around town shorts.


I love my Lululemon Gym Bags. They have tons of pockets and are very roomy. The Essentail Gym Bag is on sale and is a deal.

Building a Lululemon Wardrobe, Part 2 - Tanks

Based on the colors and styles available on the Lululemon website right now, and not knowing how you are built - whether you are large or small chested, have armpit fat issues, etc. I would recommend either the Scoop Neck or Athletic Deep V tanks if you are just starting to build a Lululemon wardrobe.

They are both signature Lululemon designs that deliver function, fashion, and a flattering fit regardless of your body type. They both are supportive with wide straps and open backs that leave your shoulders free. Both bell out a bit at the bottom for a forgiving fit. If you don't want to flash much cleavage, then I would recommend the Scoop Neck. However, the Athletic Deep V has a few nice features such as a mesh back for cooling and a pocket in the back that is big enough to fit an iPhone.

If I had to choose one, I'd probably choose the Scoop Neck because I prefer the racerback to the straps of the Deep V and I don't have to worry about flashing too much cleavage in it.

Other Runner Ups:

Wrap Around Tank. The only thing that prohibits me from recommending this is that it is made of organic cotton which doesn't breathe and certainly doesn't wick moisture like luon. I love the look and fit of the Wrap Around but for heavy duty workouts, I prefer a technical fabric.

I also like the Swift Tank but it is made of luxtreme which is great for wicking but the luxtreme will show every bulge and ripple in your tummy. Luon is a lot more forgiving and hides a lot more. It is also heading into fall and winter and I consider luxtreme more of a hot weather fabric since it is so lightweight. I also found this top to be more of a low-medium support top rather than the max hold they claim. Also, luxtreme can snag so you have to be careful of it.

Another tank I like is the Free Ya Tank. I think it is a very pretty tank but the thin straps, low front, and really low back can make you self conscious of how much skin you are showing.

If you are looking for a technical tee shirt to work out in, I like the Run Swiftly Tech tee.

Building a Lululemon Wardrobe, Part 1: Crops

A reader asked me to list my favorite pieces of Lululemon. I'll start with the crops. Also, if any of you would like to comment in your favorite pieces, feel free.

I'm going to assume you want Lululemon for a studio class or the gym or some sort of major exercise. I assume you want two things out of your Lululemon - you are planning to sweat and you want to look good while you are doing it. Given those two requirements, you'll want your first pieces of Lululemon to be made from Luon. Luon has great wicking and a heavy weight that will help camoflage any cottage cheese, particularly in black, on the back of your thigh. Also, depending on how it is sewn and seamed it can have Spanx-like properties that help shape your thighs, rear, and tummy.

I have three favorite crops - the Boogie, the Grooves, and Extend Crop. I also like the Still Crops but they are very loose so if you use them for something like spin they are going to bunch up while you work out and distract you. I recommend Still Crops for those days you don't want a snug crop or are using them for a studio class like Bar Method where you don't invert your legs.

The Groove crops (first photo) are going to shape you the most - the double ring of color at the top of the crops helps hold your tummy in and the seams on the thighs do something magic to your thighs and rear. I always feel sleeker when I wear Groove crops. They do not have a drawstring at the waist so they can slip a little if you use them for running. They fit close the leg all the way to the knee where they bell out slightly.

However, sometimes all the shaping can dig into you during some activites and be distracting. If you want a grear pair of simple crops, I'd recommend the Boogie crops (second photo). I love my Boogie crops and they are probably my favorite crops right now. The slits in the back of the calf flap around and cool my legs a little during spin class. There is no shaping, so if you have a litte poochie tummy it won't be held in by the waistband like it is in the Groove crops. I love how the bottom bells out a little and gives you a great hourglass silhouette. They have a drawstring at the top to adjust the fit.

My third favorite crop is the Extend Crop (third photo). These are a bit looser in the thigh and leg but snug in the rear. They also have some seaming that does a little shaping and spanxing. These are a nice option for people who are pear shaped and carry their weight in their legs or don't want a pant that hugs their leg. They fit looser in the leg but they don't flap around.

I know a lot of people love Wunder Unders (last photo) but I can only recommend them if you have great legs. They are basically leggings and fit close all the way down the leg. There is no shaping. I'm not comfortable with that look so I've never bought any.

Stir Up Pant - Hmmmm

Based on the photos alone the new Stirp Up pants look hideous. I see they go up to a size 14. I think this style makes the skinny-ass model look kind of chunky so I can't imagine this style being kind to a size 14 (and don't think I'm picking on larger girls 'cause I am one). Hmm, I'll try them on if they ever make it to my store but I can't see these making it into my closet.

Update: Houndlover made a comment about these looking like Hammer pants and that made me think of those awful Zubaz pants from the late 80s/early 90s. The Stir up pant could be a cousin.

  • This pant will stay put in style!
  • Made with luon, our signature fabric
  • Hidden back pocket in roll down waist for your gym card
  • Running luon cuffs to keep your ankles cozy
  • Roll over waistband so you can choose your own rise
  • $98

Try On Review - Wrap Around Tank - Love

Although I don't love the Organic stuff for workouts, I'm going to make an exception for the Wrap Around Tank since it has such great style, fit, and function. I tried it on today and really liked it. It's a very feminine and supportive top. Not too low cut, no armpit fat issues, and it flares out in the midsection. The color blocking flatters the figure and draws the eye to the bust and waist. The built in bra is made of circle mesh. This tank will be on my list of tops to get.

  • This tank will lift and support you during your practice
  • Enjoy the pairing of organic cotton and Lycra® - natural softness and athletic performance
  • Certified organically grown cotton was used to make this garment
  • Low to medium support tank with removable cup option
  • Wide shoulder strap offers comfort and support

Wear With All Hoodie - Nice!

I almost bought this today. I really liked it but I decided to go with the Remix Light instead. The Wear With All definitely covered my rear. It has a two way zipper so you zip it up from the bottom to give you more freedom of movement. There are thumbholes in the sleeves. I would say it fits true to size. You can fit a light tee shirt under the sleeves but that is about it.

The above educator photo show the Wear With All in several sizes on size 4 girls. Starting from left to right, Size 2 jacket on a size 4 girl, Size 4 jacket on size 4 girl, size 6 jacket on size 4 girl.

  • The perfect long jacket to pair with tights, and yes it covers your entire bum!
  • Our own blend of cotton FRENCH TERRY has stretch so it won't bag out!
  • Front pockets to keep your hands cozy
  • Thumbholes to keep sleeves in place
  • Chafe resistant flat seams
  • Preshrunk so there are no surprises when you wash me and zipper won't buckle!

Remix Light Lulu Hoodie - Ribbed Version

This is a Remix Light Lulu Hoodie in DCSG - Dark Classic Sport Gray. I was sooooo close to buying this hoodie today but I ended up going home with the Coal/Vancouver version (posted below). It was so soft and fit awesomely - like I already had for months and had broken it in. This version of the Remix Light has ribbing down the sides although it's not indicated on the tag. I thought this Remix Light fit a little looser through the bust, upper back, shoulders, and upper arms than the Coal/Vancouver Remix Light I ended up getting. I like the lighter band of color at the bottom and sleeves, too.