Saturday, October 10, 2009

Blast from the Past - Spark Tank

I write about the Spark Tank a lot - it's one of my favorites. They were in the stores about two years ago and haven't been seen since. I am hoping it gets brought back in the near future. Until Lululemon reissues them, you can find them on eBay. For some reason, a ton of Canadian ebayers have lots of new ones for sale. Maybe its an outlet thing. They are mostly in white but every now and them some colors show up.

The beauty of the Spark is its simplicity - just a few pieces of fabric cut perfectly to flatter the female figure. It is a great tank for larger chested ladies. It's supportive, comfortable, and sexy as hell. The depth of the scoop neck is perfect - not too high so you get hot, not to low to make you feel like you are flashing the gym with boobage. The straps are wide, comfortable, and supportive. The midsection is a-line and loose fitting - great for those of us without a washboard tummy. The back view is what makes it so awesome. The open back is fantastic for cooling and makes your waist look tiny. This top is great for the studio or weight lifting. I wear mine all the time.