Thursday, October 8, 2009

Lots of New Stuff on the Loot Page

Wow, lots of new stuff on the Loot page tonight. Just a few comments to help all you bargain hunters. Look through my reviews before you buy since all Loot is Final Sale. You can always dump it on eBay if you don't like it. Feel free to comment your opinions if you have bought some of these items.

The Action Reacion Bra is shown above. *WARNING* Size up about 2-3 sizes before you buy this one. I recall one of the educators posting on Facebook that she normally is a 4/6 and she had to buy a 10. I attempted to try it on and couldn't even get it over one shoulder.

All the neon Flow Ys are marked down. How funny the alfalfa one is $34. In the stores around here they are all $29. I bought one a couple of weeks ago to go under my black sequence tank. A little pop of neon is fun under black.

The Essential Gym Bag is ginormous. It seemed to me to be a good 2 feet long in the store. I am a huge fan of Lululemon gym bags, particularly the heavy vinyl ones. If you need a new one, the Essential is now $59.

Tons of Feel Good Jackets and Pants on sale. The Feel Good Jacket was not that cute in person at full price. However, Lululemonblog had a photo of Carrie Underwood wearing a purple one. I dunno about the Feel Good pant. I think they make the model look like she has a fat ass.

Coal Gray Relaxed Fit crops are $59, marked down from $86. The Relaxed Fits are one of my favorite crops, particularly when I get them on sale. The Coal Gray will probably show a perspiration 'shadow' so be aware of this before you buy.

Plenty of Start It Up pants are available. Seems these were an immediate dud at full price. I tried these on and reviewed them a couple of weeks ago so page down. I still wouldn't get them at the markdown price of $69.

The ugly purple striped Run Ultra pants are marked down to $69 from $98. I liked these pants a lot. If you can live with the color or cover it up with a longer top, they might be a good buy. They are a really nice technical pant. I'm not a runner but I would love them for weekend errands, soccer games, and hikes. They have some stretch but they are not like a pair of luon Grooves. I would say they fit true to size or even a size smaller so be honest with yourself if you order these and follow the size chart.

Oooh, I just spotted the Distance Mesh Hat for $19. A decent price for a nice hat that is machine washable, if you can live with the color. I have a distance hat that I really like. It's very, very lightweight. I hate wearing hats when I work out because my head gets hot but the Distance hat is like wearing nothing.

Remix Light Lulu Hoodie - Coal/Vancouver - VHTF!!!

From the LLL Oakvill Facebook Site - Remix Light lulu Hoodie - Coal/Vancouver $88

- A "to & from" lightweight layer
- Lycra in fabric to hold its shape
- Preshrunk so zipper will not buckle
- Chafe resistant flat seams

Regarding the Difference between the Remix Lux and the Remix Light Hoodies
From LLL Customer Service Rep on Facebook:

The Lux is different than the Remix Light Hoodie because it is made from Beechlu. Beechlu uses a natural yarn called Modal® which is derived from wood pulp, this makes the fabric feel extremely soft and the Lux hoodies are made with Lycra so they're VERY stretchy. The Remix Light Lulu Hoodie is a little bit longer in the body than the Lux and it isn't made with Beechlu so it's not as soft and stretchy. In regards to the sizing, some people find that the Lux hoodies do fit a tiny bit bigger than the Remix Lulu Hoodies, I however wear an 8 in both, but I could definitely go down to a 6 in the Lux if I wanted it to be a little more fitted!

Product Alert - Run Spirit Pullover - Nice!

From one of my product alerts - looks cozy! Also comes in black (Antidote pictured).

Product Features:
  • The perfect thermal midlayer for winter running
  • Wicking tech fleece has high-loft backing for added warmth
  • Off-set zipper keeps abrasion away from your face when zipped up
  • Tight scuba-shaped hood to keep wind out
  • Set your ponytail free from your hood!
  • Cuffins with thumbhole for cold fingers!
  • Secure back pocket for your belongings
  • Long length hem that won't ride up or stretch out
  • Reflective for 360° of visibility
  • Chafe resistant - flat seams