Sunday, September 27, 2009

Hot Set Tank - Want It!!!

Lululemon has come out with a tank version of its Hot Set Bra - the new Hot Set Tank - and I cannot wait to try it on. It's made of power luxtreme for the bra part and soft, breathable circle mesh for the rest. I tried on the Hot Set Bra a while ago and found it very comfortable so I imagine this top will be comfortable and cool. It is definitely a low support tank but I've been pairing my low support tanks with a coordinating Flow Y bra when I want extra support.

As I've written numerous times now I am a major fan of circle mesh, particularly for heavy duty cardio. I do spin classes and my tops made of circle mesh really help keep me cool. Silverescent is also very breathable but those ugly lines of silver tend to detract from its looks. It is also very easy to snag. I wash all my silverescent in a mesh bag when I wash my Lululemon and I'm already washing on a hand wash cycle in the first place. Circle mesh is a little heavier weight and stretchier than silverescent so I find it a more forgiving fabric when it comes to areas you'd like to camouflage.

Try On Report: I liked this tank a lot but it was not for me. It fits very snug in the bust and it definitely very low support. The style definitely fits true to size or a bit snug. The bandeau style did not look that great on me either. Sometimes the low support tanks like the Conditioning or Gather V work for me even though I am larger chested but in the case of this tank, it didn't. I tried a Flow Y underneath to help with the support but didn't like the way it looked. If you are smaller chested and your boobs haven't been affected by gravity, age, or a couple of kids, this tank will work for you.

PS - Thanks to HoundLover for pointing out the Lululemon model has a new saucy stance. It is a vast improvement over the former In-Front-Of-A-Firing-Squad look.

PPS - I also love the Hot Set Shorts the model is wearing in the photo. Lululemon - please consider making them in a size 12.

PPPS - The hubby has agreed to babysit so I'm off to Lululemon to try on the new stuff - yipee!!!

Product Features:
  • Ready to sweat it out in class? This hot little number is for you!
  • Made with power luxtreme
  • Side seam gathers for personalized length & ventilation
  • Three hooks in the back to adjust straps as you choose
  • Light & anti stink circle mesh bra
  • Soft exposed elastic for ease of movement & comfort