Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Observations on Some of the Newest Products

I haven't been able to get down to the Lululemon store for a few weeks since school began but finally made some time today. I saw quite a few new things and liked a lot of what I saw. Here are my observations:

RUN: SWIFTLY RACERBACK - Racerback version of the tee shirt. Very soft and lightweight to the touch. I would love feeling this fabric against the skin which is odd because I tried on the tee shirt version months ago when it first came out and didn't really like the feel of the fabric. The fabric used in this racerback is totally different - very silky feeling. If it was between the Cool Racerback and this one, I'd probably choose this based on feel alone. It has a much deeper armhole than the Cool Racerback and will expose your bra a lot more.

Run Swiftly Racerback Features:
  • Our core basic racerback to layer with your bra of choice
  • Lightweight seamless knit with mesh venting in high sweat areas
  • Silverescent™ for anti-stink & anti-static properties
  • Loose fit with dropped armholes for ultimate ease of movement
  • Lycra® for shape retention
  • Wicking
  • Seam free to reduce chafing
LAID BACK LONG SLEEVE TEE - Very soft, lightweight Vitasea tee. Has contrasting decorative stitching that shows up really nicely in the black. Long length will cover your butt. Will definitely put this on my list of tops to get. Wish they made one that belled out at the bottom so could use it as a coverup. Magnum is a very nice color, like a grayish brown, and looked really nice with my Teak Still pants.

Laid Back LS Tee Features:
  • Everyday long sleeve tee to wear to the gym, work, bed, studio, in the garden, fixing the roof, and traveling…you name it and we've got you covered!
  • Long body length perfect for layering
  • Made with Vitasea
  • Chafe resistant flat seams
  • It's also preshrunk!! Nice
Other quick thoughts - The Gratitude Wrap looks very comfy and cute in real life. The Huff N Puff vest is really pretty and shiny. The Run: Empower Crop IIs are serious running equipment - you better have thin legs for this pant, the power luxtreme really holds you in. The Super Sweat One is made of circlemesh and luxtreme or luon light and very well constructed - a really unique piece. The Hot Set bra was not a hit and is on the markdown rack now. Lolo Purple is really pretty. The Dark Denim is darker than it looks on the website and a very cool color. The Athletic Deep V in Red Space Dye is so noisy and irritating it practically gives me seizures.

Start It Up Pant - Try On Review

It's not really clear from the Lululemon website that the Start It Up Pant is a hybrid of Luon and Swift fabrics. The backside from the waistband down is luon and the front of the leg is made of Swift. I tried on a pair and they felt comfortable and stretchy but they were too tight on me so I couldn't give them an adequate evaluation as to what activity I would actually use them for in my life. I'm not exactly sure why you wouldn't buy the all Swift Run: Ultra pant or the Dance: Studio Pant, maybe because you want more stretch when you sit. Anyone who has a pair feel free to comment.

Product Features:
  • The perfect pant to start off 'ur workout with
  • Luon fabric adds extra stretch so these pants will move with you in any activity
  • Double layer waistband can be rolled down for a lower rise look
  • Front zip pockets to secure $ & keys
  • Drawcord at hem to keep u'r pants out of puddles
  • $98

Classic Bra - Thank You Lululemon!

For those of us who need a scoop necked sports bra and overwhelm the Flow Y with our boobtasticness, the new Classic Bra is your answer. It offers medium support with a narrow racer back.

I tried this on and found it supportive and comfortable - definitely a lot more supportive than the Flow Y. I would have gotten one but I opted to get the No Limit Tank instead. It's definitely on my list to pick one up next time I go shopping. My store had it in white and Torrid. Can't wait to see this come in more colors.

PS - The tag says it fits perfectly under the Cool Racerback Tank. I dunno about that. A little of the racer t showed underneath the Cool Racerback I tried it on with. However, you can have fun layering the colors. The educator in the store had one layered with two Cool Racerbacks. I would also like to see this up to a size 14.

Classic Bra Product Features:
- Medium support bra designed for the girl looking for an all around activity bra.
- Made from Luon our signature fabric
- Removable cups to customize your support
- Wider straps for maximum weight distribution
- Bra racerback fits perfectly under Cool Racerback Tank
- Chafe resistant flat seams
- Soft brushed bra elastic for added comfort
- $42

No Limit Tank - Bringing Fashion Into the Gym/Studio

The No Limit Tank is a great example of what Lululemon does best - bringing fashion into athletic wear. The middle photo is of a similar looking casual-wear top by Ella Moss, a popular designer here in LA.

The No Limit Tank is basically a luon Flow Y bra with a blousy, loose-fitting circle mesh tank attached at the neckline and in back. I have stretched it out to show the details. It doesn't really dip as low as it looks in the armpit area to expose your sides. On me there is about a 1" deep and 2" wide triangle of skin showing (I'm 5'5") which I am not thrilled about but my heart rate monitor strap covers it up just fine.

As I have written before I am a huge fan of circle mesh. I think this top is a great combination of functionality and fashion. It's breathable, comfortable, feminine, and sexy. It would be perfect for a studio class or hot yoga (or even a night out). It would probably make a great tank for those who are expecting since there is plenty of room in the tummy area and you can adjust the length to blouse it up as much as you want.

PS - I wore this to spin yesterday and loved it. My back felt very cool.

No Limit Tank Product Features:
- Push yourself to the limit in circuit class without breaking a sweat!
- 2 in 1 Tank - Luon bra that offers low/moderate support, loose circle mesh outer layer offers coverage and max airflow
- Wide waistband for comfort and fit
- Chafe resistant, flat-seamed
- $58
- My tag said this top was made in Canada! (yay for North American manufacturing!)

Free Ya Tank in Real Life - So Flattering!

The Free Ya Tank is one of my favorites from the Fall Line. As usual, the Lululemon model does not do it justice, however the photo of a real life educator shows just how flattering this top is, especially if you are built like a normal woman with a waist, hips, and a little something on top.

Free Ya Tank Features:
  • Free 'ur back with this wide scoop back tank
  • Made with luon, our signature fabric
  • Low/medium support tank w/ built-in bra
  • Adjustable strap that comes with it's own pocket to keep u'r strap inside u'r tank
  • Bra has pockets for cups

Bulerias Tank In Real Life - Your Mileage May Vary

I've posted a couple of photos of the Bulerias Tank to help those of you who are thinking of ordering one. There was a post Lululemon's Facebook page from a person who had the older version of the Bulerias. She warned that the pleats have a tendency to puff out and make you look heavier. The top photo is of an educator modeling the Bulerias where it looks like the 'puffy' effect has taken place. Perhaps it would lay flatter if she went up a size. However, she probably chose that size to be snug on her chest which is always my first consideration in buying a top with a built in bra. I haven't had an opportunity to try one on yet so I can't give a first hand report but these photos are illuminating. I still think the Bulerias looks very pretty and comfortable and I don't know if the puffy effect would particularly bother me but it is something to be aware of.

PS - The bottom photo is of the older Dance Strap Tank that Tracy mentions in the comments as having a better fit on the body.

Try On Notes - I tried this on today. I looked a lot like the top photo of the educator. If you have some boobs, the top part is going to look "short" like it does on the educator, which kind of ruins the proportions of the tank. I think this top works best for very thin, less endowed women (although read Tracy's comment - she says she does have much chest-wise and it did the same to her). It definitely fits true to size. Too bad they didn't make a size 12.