Saturday, August 29, 2009

Another Meh Fall Collection?

I made a quick trip to the Lululemon store yesterday to pick up a mesh headband in Caribe (finally can match my newest tops - yay!) and took a quick spin around the store to check out the new and markdown stuff. Unfortunately, all the spring and summer markdowns were totally gone and only the fall stuff was in. I was a bit bummed since I had my eye on an Athletic Deep V in gulf hoping for it to be marked down more but I guess I missed my window of opportunity.

I got to see the new Run: Skim Singlet in person and didn't like it much in the two-tone version as I do the solid black. I gotta say I am not loving the fall collection much this year thus far. I don't like the new designs and I don't like the colors. I'm not really a dark purple person and the new designs like the Salutation Tank (shown above), Inspire Tank, and Freestyle Tank aren't really doing it for me. There aren't any cute new prints and I hate the Space Dye stripes in the current color offerings. The newest style tops I like the best are the Free Ya and Bulerias. The store had a ton of Cool Racerbacks in lots of colors but they are so generic. I'm also not a fan of the all the new organic tops. They make me hot and itchy. I love Beechlu and Vitasea but Organic Cotton jersey does not do it for me. I also question why Organic Still pants are the same price as Still pants made from Luon. Isn't Luon a highly technical engineered fabric? What justifies the high price of non-breathable organic cotton? I like the new jackets that I've but since I live in Southern California I don't need that many jackets. I guess I'm gonna sit the fall season out. I'm not even sure I'll like anything better at half price.