Wednesday, April 29, 2009

BBB Racer Longsleeve & Miscellaneous

After reading about Lululemon's stock recent two star rating and huge build up in inventory I trotted off to one of my local stores to see what had been marked down. I bought a ton of stuff from the spring line and am waiting to see what shows up for summer but am always willing to bottom feed for the stuff I didn't love at full price. I tried on a few things and was about to leave with a marked down Satvic (?) bra (@ $19!) but then I spotted a BBB long sleeve Racer in solid Cove Blue for $29. They also had the red and white striped one shown in the photo above for the same price. Lululemon is currently selling this for full price on its website. They only had a couple of these shirts and luckily they were in my size.

Other Comments/Observations:
Stuff I tried on: Extend Pant II - The store I went to had them marked down to $49 (from $96) and was about to ship them out to the outlet. Even though I have the original Extends, which I love, I tried these on since they were a steal. I can't say I liked them at all. I (and everyone else) hate the saddle (or baboon) butt. The original Extend Pants have a panel down the side of the leg that seems to help shape the thigh. The new ones don't have this at all and it plainly showed. Additionally, the luon seemed lighter than normal to me. I'd rather save my money and pay full price for Grooves with their Spanx-like shaping properties.

I nearly bought a Movement Tank in Seaspray to go with my Gulf Groove pants but I don't love it enough to pay full price for it. I have a couple of Embracer Tanks from last summer which are very similar to the Movement Tank so I'll wait for it to go on sale.

Power Y Coming Back: Why is Lululemon bringing back the Power Y? The Tri Y is a pretty nice replacement now that they fixed the side boob issues of the Ujjayi. The thicker straps don't dig into my shoulders and offer a lot more support than the Power Y. I also like the mesh panel with ipod pocket that runs down the back.

Is the Power Y more popular than the Spark Tank? Based on what I have seen on eBay I don't believe so. Spark Tanks, both new and used, consistently sell for near or over retail and Power Ys often languish. I think the folks at Lululemon are a bit in the dark about the huge market on Ebay for their products. Lululemon is the third biggest category on eBay for Women's Athletic Apparel behind Nike and Adidas. That is just amazing for a supposedly niche brand.

Flow Y IV Bra? Uh, Lululemon, where's the link to this on your website? I just got a product notice for it and I want to see it.

BBB Racer Features:
  • A light long sleeve layer to throw on after your workout
  • Made with Vitasea
  • Perfect to wear to the gym, work, bed, studio, grandma's, in the garden, on the porch, fixing the roof, feeding the chickens, on-line, traveling, cruising…you name it and we've got you covered
  • It's also preshrunk! Nice.
  • Chafe resistant - flat seamed
  • Lycra® in fabric to hold its shape