Monday, April 20, 2009

Great Hat - Distance Hat

If you are looking for a super lightweight hat for the gym or for running, try the Distance Hat. I have a couple of adidas running hats but the Lululemon one is much lighter and more breathable. As an added bonus it is machine washable. It has a zipper pocket in the back for a key. It retails for a pretty steep price, $26 or $28, but sometimes you can find them marked down, particularly the white ones, or luck out on eBay like I did.

Product Features from the Hang Tag:

-Ultra lightweight weather protection for your head
- Wicking/Quick dry fabric
- Reflective artwork so you are visible
- Zipper pocket for your keys
- Adjustable velcro back for fit
- Place to write your name with a sharpie so you know it's yours
- Machine Washable