Sunday, April 19, 2009

Gather V - New Summer Favorite

I recently bought a Gather V Tank in the summery Gulf Undulation Print shown in the photo. It is a very nice versatile top that can be used for sightseeing on vacation or warm weather low-impact workouts.

The tank has a built in bra with pockets for bra cookies. However, the support is very light (see note below) so I wore my Flow Y III bra in Kale Green underneath it for spin class. It was a nice surprise to find that the winter Kale/Nori greens coordinated nicely with the blues and greens of Gulf/Aruba/Caribe found in the spring color palette. The top is made of luon and fits loosely through the tummy area which helps with cooling. It is long and comes down to the hip bones. I like this all over print because it not only camouflages a poochy belly but also helps hide perspiration marks.

The Gather V has such a classic design that it would also be a great top to use while hiking or touring amusements parks on summer vacation. It is one of the few tanks I have seen that have the Lululemon symbol on the front of the garment.

Design Note: This top has very light support and not just because of the spaghetti straps. The built in bra in this top only uses a light 1/2" elastic strip as opposed to all my other Lululemon tops (Tri Y, Move Tank, Ujjayi, etc.) that use a heavy duty 1" strip. I am wondering if this was done to make layering it with a bra more comfortable. When I use my Flow Y underneath my Ujjayi the two bras together are pretty constricting. The product info on the tag does say the top is perfect for layering.

Product Info from the Hang Tag:
1. A tank with narrow straps perfect for layering.
2. Skimming body fit.
3. Built-in shelf bra for support.
4. Shelf bra with pockets for removable cups.
5. Brushed Silverescent bra elastic that is wicking and anti-stink.
6. Made with luon, our signature fabric.
7. Chafe resistant - flat seamed.