Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Spark Tank is Back!!!! (Maybe)

Someone from Minnesota just put this Spark Tank up for sale on eBay stating that it part of Lululemon's 2009 Spring collection. The colors certainly look like they could be from the current season. The built in bra doesn't look like it has the pockets to hold the cookies like I thought all of the newer tops have but I can't be sure from the photos. If this is from the current season, this is
big, Big, BIG! news to all Lululemon addicts.

As all Lululemon Addict's know, there is a huge Lululemon market on eBay for both new and used Lululemon items. Among the hardest items to get is the Spark Tank which regularly go for over retail when new and for almost as much as retail when used. I have a couple of Spark Tanks and find them very comfortable and flattering. However, the thing that really makes this top is the sexy open back. I could go on and on about this top - comfortable, flattering, supportive, cool, etc. but just do yourself a favor and get one.