Saturday, March 7, 2009

Headband Addiction

I have a serious Lululemon headband addiction problem. Even my husband has noticed it. I believe I am closing in on around 20 headbands. I can't help it, I must have one to match my tops. I tried doing spin class once without a headband and not only did the bangs bouncing on my forehead bug the heck out of me but I had to use my towel a lot more because the headband usually soaks everything up. Doing spin without a headband meant I became one of those drippy puddle people. Ewww.

The latest headband I bought was the Superwide Headband in the pattern pictured above from a Canadian seller on ebay but I saw it in my local store today. I have nearly all the other models- the Slipless, the plain old Luon, the Mesh, and the Dance. I find the Mesh and the Dance the most comfortable. Although I have a tapered luon one that is really nice. I can't wait to get my hands on the braided Free Spirit yet but haven't seen them locally. I'm waiting for Pow Pink, Bluebell, and Sangria to show up.

I'm not that thrilled about the Superwide. It is basically a scrap of luon without finished edges that is sewn together in the back. When it first came in the mail I thought it was some warehouse outlet sample but I saw them in the Newport store today. I dunno, Lululemon, for $14 you could finish the edges.