Monday, February 9, 2009

Spin Class Test - Hills Crop, Action Tank, Wrap Tech Tank, & Not So Low Tank

Down here in SoCal it never gets very cold so keeping cool during intense cardio like a spin class is a challenge. As a solution, I find I am buying more and more from Lululemon's running line. I just love the lightweight, technical fabrics used in eye-catching innovative designs. Most running tops are usually a racerback tank in different prints - yawn. By contrast, check back to my write up about Lululemon's Run:Shrug Tech top. It has to be the most beautiful running top ever with all sorts of design details - seaming, gathers, and multiple materials. It is really rather elaborate but so pretty and functional.

I love my newest stuff, too. I wore the new Hills Crops and Action Tank to spin class this weekend. The Hills Crops are awesome! I usually wear my Plank, Groovin' Tie, or Extend crops to spin since I get way too hot wearing full length pants, however, I still get pretty warm. The Hills Crops are just what I was looking for - they have lightweight luxtreme on the front of the thigh, mesh inserts on the side of the thigh and the backside is the normal weight luon. I could definitely tell the difference in materials when I was working out. Wearing the Hills Crops totally helped keep me cooler. I want to get another pair but they are very hard to find. I hope Lululemon continues to make the Hills Crop and doen't make it another one month wonder.

The open crossover back and v-neck front of the Action Tank really helped keep me cool. The Action Tank is a new favorite and I'll probably be back for another in a different color.

Last week I wore my new Wrap Tech Tank. This is from Lululemon's running line and is extremely lightweight with a mesh back. It is made of luxtreme and felt so light it was almost like I wasn't wearing a shirt. You have to provide your own bra and the Deep V works great. This top will be great for spin class on hot summer days when the room gets really warm.

My other new favorite top is the Not So Low Tank. I believe this is meant to go with the running line, too, since I've seen matching running shorts. It is made of lightweight Lullure or Luxtreme, too, and has a built in bra with cups which is rare in the running tops.

I can't wait to see what Lululemon comes up with next for their running line.