Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Lululemon may have had a big warehouse sale in Niagara Falls this weekend but I don't think the prices could get much better than what I paid at the Chino Hills, CA store last night. They had special two hour only sale last night - 70% off original price for all markdowns on last season's colors. If you are not on your local Lululemon store's email alert list you must get on it to find out about special sales like these.

I got the following deals and could have happily gotten lots more but I already blew my clothes budget this month on new black Still pants: Deep V Bras (older style but still great) in must have basic white and black for $10.80 each, Be Still Pants in Branch Brown for $29.40, Ujjayi top in Sangria/Shiraz floral print (pictured) for $15.60, Althletic Deep V Print for $16.20, Origami jacket in Hydrangea/Orchid for $35.40. I now officially have way too many gym clothes.

From what I have read the Chino Hills store is closing in the spring which in unfortunate for them but great for me. All the Lululemon stores seem to have more stuff on the sale rack than they used to. You won't find staples such as black Still or Groove pants, basic tees, or a lot of the running tops (those sell out pretty quick at full price) marked down but offbeat styles, last season's colors, and sizes at the extremes are a good bet. I keep telling my friends that get their low price/low quality ugly workout wear at Target or Kohls to check out the sales racks at Lululemon but they don't listen. That's fine by me, I love paying Target prices for Lululemon quality and style.

Everyday Basic - Be Still Pant

The Still Pant and latest update, the Be Still Pant, are one of Lululemon's core garments. You always see the store "educators" working in these. I just got a second pair in black. They are the perfect weekend, running errands, watching soccer games pants.

They are made of Luon and are flat seamed. They are Lululemon's loosest fitting pant and can be used for yoga or weight lifting but not cardio since the fabric flops around a lot.

They have two patch pockets and a drawstring that can be worn either on the outside or on the inside with the top rolled down. The bottom flares out a little and looks great with flip flops.

  • Loose fitting high rise pant
  • Reversible drawstring
  • Chafe resistant - flat seamed