Saturday, January 17, 2009

Website Updated with the 2009 Colors - Neon!

I feel like I have taken a time machine back to 1988 - neon is back! Can the return of Acid Wash denim, O-ring bracelets, & the Happy Mondays be far behind?

I've read that neon is making a comeback and, as usual, Lululemon is ahead of the trend. They have released their 2009 colors and neon is featured heavily. I was in the store today and the Newport store has a ton of neon pink, Pow Pink, featured. Coming soon, I expect, is neon yellow, apple green, sky blue, and peach.

I happen to link high energy colors and love hot pink, so bring it on. However, the yoga crowd seems more muted. Time will tell and I'll be watching the sale racks.

Small nit - When is the Lululemon website going to actually reflect what is in the stores? I saw Reverse Groove shorts and crops and they aren't mentioned on the website at all. I just read Lululemon is stepping up their e-commerce but their website is totally lagging.