Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Try On Review - Rhythmic Tank + Other New Stuff

I tried on the new Rhythmic Tank today. It's made of a combo of power luxtreme on the top and vitasea on the bottom. The straps are wide, stretchy, and adjustable. There are cup pockets and a drawstring cord at the bottom. It's very long - I could pull it past my bottom when fully stretched out. When I pulled it up it did poof out at the belly.  This top would be fabulous for expecting moms - there is lots of room to grow. The back is a deep scoop. I really liked it - it was very comfortable and I liked how the power luxtreme held me in on top but below it felt very light and airy.  I might go back and get it. It comes in power purple, solid black, and black with ocean blue.

Rhythmic Tank Features:
- Feel the flow in your yoga class in this hybrid tank-
- Low support tank with cup pockets for added coverage and lift
- Adjustable elastic straps allow you to choose the length right for you
- Top of tank made with power luxtreme for 4way stretch and wicking
- Bottom of tank made of vitasea for a light softer feel
- Hidden drawcrod in hem can be cinched to prevent it from flipping up during activity
- Chafe free flat seams
- $52

Pow Pink version of Run: Hills Pullover

Aweseome new solid Pow Pink version of Run: Hills Pullover. Like the black, the inside of the collar has the silver manifesto print on it.

Cute Remix Hoodie - Color Code: SLVR/WYDS/LOVP

Even thought I liked the silver stripe remix hoodie I didn't get it since I know I will end up staining it.

I saw the Luscious Pocket Tee but didn't bother trying it on since I am not in the market for a short sleeve top this time of year.

I did try on the Mens Freestyle Pullover but of course it was too boxy and masculine looking.

I ended up getting a Brisk Run Neckwarmer in Coal. They also have it in Lolo Purple. The educator told me lots of new long sleeve running pullover-type shirts are coming. There are also neat new colors in the works. I am going to wait and see what pops up in the coming weeks.


Marci said...

I bought the pow pink today to complement my new jacket. I also bought a white version with hot pink accents... super cute, and now you tell me more are coming.. gulp... When will it end?! :)

pilatesmom said...

Nice to see some new tank styling. I prefer most of my stuff fitted but it is nice looking. Am I crazy that I think the run hills pullover is over priced for what it is and not that special? (and I'm a runner in the midwest too so I definately do long sleeves). I love my run-spirit pullover hoodie which is loaded with features and warm to boot.

Anonymous said...

I am just so not a fan of vitasea. I bought a few tops in this material last year ( veil tops I believe ). Within two wears and washes it was faded, pilling and old looking and suitable for pajama only. At 60$ plus tax it was the first time I had felt really ripped off. I love the tank but won't buy it made with vitasea.

houndlvr67 said...

I SO want the Hills Pullover in POW. I didn't have much love for that color initially (I thought it too "Barbie"), but now I love it. I am in agreement with "Anon" about the vitasea. I am very careful with my washing and the vitasea looks "sueded" after the first wash! I wish they would come out with a cotton material suitable for tee shirts and the like, that was more durable and had more heft (and didn't cost $80 for a tee). All of the manifesto tee shirts pill like crazy too, thank goodness the print makes this less noticeable.

LuluAddict said...

Thanks for the heads up about the Vitasea. I went back to try on the Rhythmic Tank at another store today and was seriously thinking about getting since it's so comfortable but left with a couple of other things instead. I have one top in Vitasea - the BBB racerback but I hardly wear it and I haven't noticed any issues with it. I also only paid $30 for it since it was an odd color so if it didn't last well I wouldn't be as peeved as I would if I paid $70.I am leary of paying full price for pretty much all Lululemon's non-technical stuff.