Thursday, December 31, 2009

Try On Report: Intention Tank + More

Intention Tank
We took a family trip up to LA yesterday so I was able to visit the Santa Monica and Beverly Hills store. Both had lots of racks of markdowns and tons of the new run product. The Santa Monica store had lots of older run products from November - the Run: Sport Henley long sleeves in lot of colors and a couple of Run: Hills Pullovers in black. I ended up getting a Run: Hills Pullover in black. I'm going to have to put the Santa Monica store on my regular rounds. They had lots of good markdowns and an extensive selection.

I tried on the new Intention Tank. It definitely is not made for bustier women. My boobs overflowed the top and had a terrible double boob look because the top cut into me so much. I don't think I have ever had this problem in a Lululemon tank before.  The top part is just cut too short and shallow. I'd quantify the support as low, very low, not moderate as given in the description. The body is made of luon light which is great in the looser fitting Cool Racerback but feels odd in a more fitted tank. I guess I am used to regular luon which has a more supportive feel on your core area. All in all, I'd call this new tank an Epic Fail. You can get a very similar look and light feel by buying a Cool Racerback.

Intention Tank Features:
  • Set your intention for the day in this body skimming, moderate support yoga tank
  • Made with luon on bust for max support and a luon light on the body for breathability
  • Mesh back allows for max breathability in high sweat areas
  • Scooped out front and back for optimum ventilation during class
  • Mesh bra construction with built in pockets for removable cups 
  • $52

 Cool Racerback in Black Embossed Manifesto Print
I saw the cute new Coal Embossed Manifesto Cool Racerback. I was so tempted to get one but I already have the black version.

I see the All Sport bra is now on the US website. My half-marathoner sister recently bought this bra and loves it. It reminds me a lot of my older Cool Swift Bra.

Here I Am Pant
I want to try the Here I Am pant on.  They are made of luon light.  I wonder if you can cut off the bottoms to get rid of the cuff.

There is a potentially cute new print hinted at in the newest website upload:

Black Splatter Stripe Print in Run: Tracker Shorts
 The Black Splatter Stripe print might be fun. It reminds me of this top from last year:

All in all, except for the fabulously comfortable and flattering Run: Energy Pullover, I'm not loving any of the newest releases.


Marci said...

I ordered the intention tank and felt the same way... Took it back. My sis (who has no chest) tried it on, and it did not flatter her size 4 figure either... This tank is 100 percent FAIL!

Zanna said...

This is the second tank which is cut too low this season showing way too much at the boobs area. The first one is the the Wrap Around Tank. Not practical at all.

houndlvr67 said...

I am hoping that the Splatter Stripe is feminine and cute and doesn't look like Monet in his "acid period".

mollywaffles said...

how supportive is the all sport bra? i.e. can it work for running + 32D? I tried on the ta ta tamer before, but wasn't really a fan of how it fit. i've had to look outside of lulu for better support.