Thursday, December 24, 2009

Tang Light, Lagoon, and More of Last Night's Uploads

Tang Light Flow Y

Lagoon Flow Y

Some new color Flow Ys have been uploaded to the US site. I am liking the new Tang Light color. A lot.  It looks a little paler than last year's Persimmon. I anticipate yet another Cool Racerback or Deep V in my future. Lagoon is very pretty, too. Very similar to the teals and aquas from last spring (especially Caribe). I wonder if they are the reusing any of the same colors. I know last fall's Hydrangea was renamed to Raspberry.

New Cool Racerbacks in Senorita Pink and Bold Blue

Stride Jacket in Black

Apres Yoga Jacket

Tracker Pant in Bold Blue (The black ones are solid)
Made of the new Trackstar fabric. I saw this fabric on the Tracker Jacket in the store the other day. It looked a lot like Power Luxtreme but I didn't feel the fabric.

Leader of the Track Jacekt

Sunrise Tank in Faded Zap (should have left this one solid)

There were probably a few other new things uploaded but these are the obvious ones. They also uploaded black Ta Ta Tamers in size E.

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