Friday, December 18, 2009

Static Wear With All - Ordered It!

I had liked the Wear With All Jacket when I tried it on back in October but since it only came in solid black and a bunch of heathered colors that I didn't care for, I went home with a Remix Lulu Light Hoodie.  However, when this version in Static popped up on the website tonight I bought it.  There are a lot of things to love about the WWA - the distinctive look, the butt-covering length, big front pockets, the curve hugging fit, the soft french terry - it's a great looking casual jacket.  I cannot wait for it to arrive!

Product Features:

  • The perfect long jacket to pair with tights, and yes it covers your entire bum!
  • Our own blend of cotton FRENCH TERRY has stretch so it won't bag out!
  • Front pockets to keep your hands cozy
  • Thumbholes to keep sleeves in place
  • Chafe resistant flat seams
  • $98


pilatesmom said...

I also have the WWA static coming (as well as the white fairy tale print). Can't wait : ) I have this blog to thank for trying the cool racerback. I have several now and love them (never tried them before because I always have preferred a "built in" bra with my tanks).

hazelberry said...

I just ordered the WWA Enchanted, I am SO excited for it to get here!

LuluAddict said...

@Pilatesmom: I was the same way with Cool Racerbacks - they were too simple, too boring for me. Until Power Purple first came along and it was one of the few tanks available in that color. Now, I can't get enough. The educators used to rave about them but I didn't listen. I thought they were a gimmick to upsell you to both a tank AND a bra. I was an idiot.

pilatesmom said...

The static WWA is already sold out in all sizes except 4 (it has only been up about 24 hours or so) and I'm sure that the 4 will be gone soon so anyone still on the fence order quick. Glad I ordered a 6 yesterday.

LuluAddict said...
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LuluAddict said...

Things are flying off the LLL site. I don't know if I took the last Static Charcoal Still pant in 12 but the button went white right after I processed my order - just like it did with the WWA jacket yesterday. Sorry, fellow size 12s. ;-)

Dori said...

Ahhh I just got the black Wear With All jacket and I didn't know about this one. Now I want it so badly!

I think the Cool Racerback is the best tank ever.