Thursday, December 24, 2009

Run: Energy Pullover - Nice Update to Hills Pullover!

Run: Energy Pullover

Lululemon just uploaded a few new things late tonight. This new pullover was one of them - the Run: Energy Pullover.  It looks like a nice tweaking of the Run: Hills Pullover design - they did away with the stripes across the boobs and turned the back pocket vertical. It also looks like the collar comes up a bit higher than the Hills Pullover and the front zipper a bit lower.  It has both thumbholes and cuffins.  It also looks slightly shorter than the Hills Pullover.  Although they haven't posted details it's supposed to be made of running luon.  It also comes in a couple of sedate colors - bold blue and solid black. I ordered one in black. 


Dori said...

If it wasn't for you, I would not have known about this top right now. Sigh. I might be about to spend $99! I love the bold blue.

I went to the store last night (evil) and got the cotton dark grey Groove pants, they feel so comfortable and my black Groove pants pass off as work pants at my corporate job so these will too! I also got the new purple Cool Racerback and a headband to match. I need to stop collecting Cool Racerbacks for now!

Marci said...

I bought this almost as it was uploaded last night in bold blue, love it!!! I hope it. Is made from running luon too! The detail on the front reminds me of the gather together jacket.

RunningOnCoffee said...

just saw this on their website too! i would get it, but i have the shape jacket in a similar blue - and black is not so good for visibility during night time running.
i do like that the back pocket zipper is now horizontal like it was on the spirit pullover. the vertical seams on the front are nice too - looks like it would be slimming.

LuluAddict said...

@ Dori - Was your Cool Racerback the Majestic Purple or Power Purple? I haven't seen any headbands in Majestic but I need one.

Dori said...

My new Cool Racerback & matching headband are Power Purple. I also have the Majestic Purple racerback too, but I haven't seen the matching headband either. I'm very into purple lately.

I did end up ordering the Run Energy Pullover! I just kept thinking that when I would definitely buy it in January, it might be sold out in my size and I just couldn't let it pass me by! I hope to train for a half marathon in the beginning of 2010 so I'll need it. Rationalization.