Saturday, December 19, 2009

Ordered These, Too - Still Pants in Static Charcoal

I think I've written before that I am a huge fan of the Still and Be Still pants.  (I even own Still crops and shorts.) I really don't have a preference for either, I love them both equally. The Stills are wider through the thigh so they tend to feel more roomy than the Be Stills. I have three pairs and they are my everyday pants.  I like them much better than regular cotton sweat pants for one big reason - LUON.  Luon doesn't bag out at the knees or in the rear. The heavy weight of the luon makes the pants drape really nicely when you walk. I also love the breathability and wicking of luon. Even though it has a heavy weight it just seems to feel cooler wearing them than similar cotton pants. I never liked the organic cotton version of the Stills - they just felt hotter even though they were lighter weight (they also didn't drape as nicely). It's the same reason I don't buy the Lulu pants II - they make me feel too warm for the climate here in Southern California. Or, it could be I have just become too accustomed to wearing luon all day, every day so everything else feels odd. ;-)

Anyway, I have become a lover of the Static color series so I ordered Stills in these. Static is such a great alternative to solid colors.  I know Stills came in heathered charcoal but I much prefer Static and the similar Dark Classic Sport Gray.  I am hoping this is the same material the educator showed me in the Gather and Crow crops the other day - silky and smooth. I was going to head out to see Static Charcoal in person again but I really want to avoid the malls this weekend. Maybe on Monday.

PS - Oh yes, I should add I don't use Still pants for workouts. At all. I wear them like the model - on the baggy side. The pants are pretty wide in the leg and there is a lot of excess fabric. Sometimes my feet get caught up in the pants as I come down the stairs at my house so I can't imagine trying to workout in them. I think I would find even weight lifting annoying in them with all the material flapping around my legs as I move from machine to machine. I don't do yoga on a regular basis but I would still choose a snugger fitting pant like Grooves or Extend pants for those activities.  The leg is so wide the pant would slide up your leg in inverted moves anyway.  I buy Still pants so I can enjoy the comfort of luon outside the gym without putting additional wear on my real exercise pants in non-exercise activities.  I do like them for casual walks, like during sight seeing or touring theme parks. However, I don't recommend them for hiking unless you are very careful not to sit on rough surfaces or snag them on branches.


Anonymous said...

I ordered these as well..I keep trying and trying the Stills and have had no luck. I'm between a 8/6 and ordered these in 6. :) I have found the heathered colors in luon to be softer for some weird reason, just as the static Feel Good pants were softer than the others...I'm excited about these. I'm also pleased that the stitching on the pockets looks like it blends in more on the static than the heathered charcoal. I will let you know how they work out!

LuluAddict said...

I just went to the store to check out the Static Charcoal in person. My store had the in the Wunder Under pants. It is super soft feeling, definitely different than the normal black luon. Hopefully, mine will be here tomorrow.

rick said...

from a male view. I'm just getting into the pants of lulu and usually wear womens jeans. I sew and design so womens jeans are usually made better or fit better than mens. I just got a brown 8 still and love them. I can see what u mean buy the excess fabric but its good for my larger size. (in the leg width area)
Any advise on shorts for my new hot yoga class. I dont like the mens 'tight' shorts for the class.